If you live in Metro Phoenix, there’s a good chance you know a picky eater (or two). According to a new report conducted by one of the nation’s leading frozen pizza brands, Home Run Inn, Gilbert, Chandler, and Glendale all rank among the top 20 cities with the pickiest eaters in America.

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To determine the ranking, the study analyzed Google search trends related to picky eating, picky eating meal ideas, and picky eating habits. 

Gilbert (No. 18) conducts an average of 984 searches per 100,000 residents related to picky eating every month. Chandler (No. 19) conducts an average of 980 searches and Glendale (No. 20) conducts an average of 964 searches.  

But picky eaters in these cities aren’t alone. According to Home Run Inn’s nationwide survey, 50% of Americans consider themselves to be picky eaters

Here are additional highlights:

  • Among picky eaters, one-third are embarrassed about their picky eating habits
  • 54% often hide their picky eating habits while dining with others
  • 45% have never attempted to overcome their picky eating habits
  • Picky Preferences: (57%) dislike vegetables, followed by seafood (56%), meat (39%), spices and seasonings (34%), and pork (33%)
  • 65% say their picky eating habits started in childhood
  • Among all respondents, one in five say they would not date a picky eater

Top five cities with the pickiest eaters: St. Louis, Missouri (No. 1), Jersey City, New Jersey (No. 2), Cincinnati, Ohio (No. 3), Winston-Salem, North Carolina (No. 4), Fort Wayne, Indiana (No. 5). 

The study analyzed cities across the country with a population of at least 250,000. Among the top five cities with the pickiest eaters, three are located in the Midwest. Elsewhere, New York City is home to the fewest picky eaters, according to the analysis. 

You can find the full study here.