A picture speaks a thousand words and with a few pictures combined in a slideshow, you can tell incredible stories. We all have thousands of photos on our devices and hard drives just waiting to be shown to our friends and families. However, pictures without telling a story are boring and scrolling through them can feel like a chore.

The best way to share pictures in our modern-day is by placing them in a slideshow video. There are abundant apps and sites that can help you convert boring static images into an exciting and cool slideshow video.

The part about finding the right app or tools to make the slideshow is easy but what you put in the slideshow is the real question. Most people often throw in whatever picture they can find and call it a day. This results in a rather dull, boring slideshow video with no heart.

Here are some tips that can help you make the best slideshow video:

Have a structure

Before you compile the photos you wish to add to the slideshow, you need to think of a structure. Do not insert random images at random times. Try to tell a story or lead up to something with your pictures. Try to see the finished product with all the pictures before you start placing them.

When you have a cohesive structure to your pictures and add suitable music, it then makes the whole experience better. Knowing in which order you want to show your pictures will make it easier while combining them. There are many apps and tools perfect for this job. You can even use a YouTube video editor to create video slideshows.

Keep a consistent quality

When you are making a video slideshow, always remember to use the highest quality photos you have. Nobody will like if your slideshow video keeps changing the quality of the pictures. Seeing a high quality, sharp image followed by a low-quality one will ruin the experience.

A good way to get around this is to use a good quality camera from the start. This will leave you with nothing but a consistent flow of high-quality images. You can use some apps and websites that can enhance the quality of the images before compiling them.

Have a consistent style

When you are compiling the photos, try to keep a certain style or mood. How do you want the video to feel? Do not mash-up different picture styles like festive with elegant. This will ruin the overall flow of the final video. Therefore, do not mix different styles.

If the video is about a certain event, try to use only pictures related to that event. Do not mix different photos as it might confuse the viewer. If you use similar photos that are related to each other, it will give the whole video a similar feel.

Have the right music

Since you are creating a video, you can add some music to it. Use appropriate music that is in sync with the photos. When you use music that does not resonate with the photos, it will feel very out of place in the final product. Remember to keep the volume at a decent level.

Often, people do not pay attention to the music they use in their slideshow video. They rely on the slideshow maker to pick the right music for them or just select the first audio track they hear. If you pick the wrong audio, then the whole video can have a very different feel than what you expected.

Try to match the music with the photos you are using. If they do not match, then it can feel very odd for the viewer. If the music is energetic and what you see visually isn’t, then it can feel very out of place.

Try to add a personal touch to the video

Do not make the slideshow video generic or just basic. Add a bit of your personal touch. Give the video a personality that reflects the kind of person you are. You are in control of everything from what you wish to show, the order, the music, and even the text.

Take this opportunity to make the video feel like something you made. You can even take it one step further based on what occasion this video is being made for. Whether it is a gift, a birthday, or even a class presentation, try to make the video an extension of yourself.

Keep it short

Just because you are using pictures doesn’t mean that you make the final video 10 minutes long. Try to make the video short. The duration from start to finish should be under 5 minutes.

You can easily put in 40-50 pictures with a 10 second or less duration.

Do not make your final video excessively long as people might find it boring to sit through. Keeping the video short will not only make it easy to get through but also easy to post on your social media accounts.

And finally, you can even add text to video and give the whole video some narrative or structure. Keep the text easy to read and short so that people can easily read what you are trying to say.


With this guide in mind, try to incorporate your style and flow into making video slideshows. Present it to your classmates for further enriching your class lessons or entertain your family with your childhood memories, all captivated into a video storytelling format.