Club Pilates, the nation’s largest premium Pilates franchise, will open its doors in Goodyear on April 25 with a planned grand opening celebration on June 8 and 9. Located at 783 S. Cotton Lane, Ste. C2, the new studio offers members full-body workouts that improve posture, balance, flexibility and strength. 

The bright studio welcomes members into a supportive atmosphere where they can choose from four class levels and eight signature group class formats that utilize a variety of equipment, including Reformers, EXO chairs, TRX, TriggerPoint and springboard. The Goodyear studio is owned by Arizona locals and long-time friends, Cheryl Maro, Eileen Denjo and Nichol Eiting. With low functionality in her hand and wrist from prior surgery, Cheryl was looking for something she could do to gain back flexibility and strength. Upon discovering Club Pilates and learning that she could modify the exercises to her comfort, Cheryl tried out the concept and saw excellent results in only four months. Amazed by her transformation, Cheryl was sold on the concept and knew she wanted to open a studio of her own. With nothing else like it in the Goodyear area, Cheryl was confident that Club Pilates would be exactly what the community would benefit from. Fast forward one year, Cheryl and her two best friends are excited to bring Club Pilates to Goodyear, offering residents the opportunity to transform their physical, mental and emotional health.

“The results are like nothing I’ve experienced. Pilates transforms your body,” said Cheryl. “Our goal is to empower people to be the best they can be, and we know that Club Pilates is the perfect way to do so. We truly believe in it and we are thrilled to bring the new Pilates studio to the Goodyear community.”