Sitting is nearly impossible to avoid. Whether during your daily commute, working hard at your desk or watching your favorite TV show on the couch, sitting can provide relief and give you the opportunity to relax.

However, sitting for a long period of time can lead to some adverse health effects. According to a recent survey commissioned by Preparation H, 63% of Americans admit that staying seated for an extended period has resulted in butt pain or discomfort.

While sitting may be one of our favorite positions, the following tips will help you diminish the harmful, but common, side effects of sitting and highlight how to give your backside the break it deserves.

1. Move bad posture out of the way

Sitting down at a desk for eight hours at work each day is common for many professions, in addition to sitting during the commute to the office. For many, this is the preferred position, as one in four employed Americans would not show up to work if they could not sit down the entire time. However, sitting can have significant effects on our backs and spines, causing pain and discomfort. To avoid bad posture and a stiff neck or back, take a quick walk around the office, find a longer route to the water cooler or grab a coworker for a few laps around the parking lot during lunch. If your office allows it, opt for a standing desk to get you off your butt and onto your feet.

2. Improve poor circulation

Let’s face it – we all want to get home, kick off our shoes and get lost in our couch cushions for the rest of the night. However, sitting for too long causes your blood to remain in your feet and lower legs due to lack of movement, causing your body’s circulation to slow down and resulting in numbness and tingling. To break up your sitting marathon, try to perform a few simple bodyweight exercises during commercial breaks or use the time to get up and tidy your living room space.

3. Leave backside discomfort in the past

Everyone uses the bathroom throughout the day, but some may spend a little too much time on the porcelain throne. The time spent sitting, as well as the habits associated with the activity, can ultimately contribute to the causes of hemorrhoid flare-ups, like constipation and straining. When hemorrhoids do strike, Preparation H is the #1 doctor-recommended OTC hemorrhoid brand formulated to soothe, cool, cleanse and care for your backside. To help shorten the time spent on the toilet, avoid digital distractions, like your phone, that can lead to spending extended time sitting in the bathroom.

4. Bring the power back to your brain

Your physical health isn’t the only thing suffering from sitting – your mental health is affected as well. Sitting for extended periods can slow down brain function, leading to memory loss and a foggy brain feeling. If you’re feeling distracted or can’t seem to accomplish a task at hand, try getting up and going for a quick walk to help improve concentration and keep blood flowing to your brain so the next big idea is right around the corner.

Whether it’s getting in an extra couple of steps or banishing your phone from the bathroom, these small changes can be beneficial in reducing the negative effects of staying seated for too long. Sitting will inevitably be a part of your day, but by implementing these tips, you can give yourself a pat on the back for putting your health first.

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