If you find yourself running on the treadmill and going nowhere, it may be time to mix things up.

LA Fitness Master Personal Trainer Angie Witte says she loves having fun with her clients and encourages them to get out of their comfort zone and find exercises they enjoy doing.

“It’s difficult to maintain that commitment if you’re not having fun,” she says. “I never yell at my clients and I always bring a lighthearted approach to getting fit.”

There’s a whole world beyond that treadmill that can get your heart pumping ­– and an elevated heart rate is, after all, the point of working out.

It’s important to get at least 30 minutes of cardio exercise every day, Witte says. The personal trainer of two years has 26 clients. She suggests they hit the gym two times a week for individual training and then attend two group classes.

LA Fitness offers group fitness classes adaptable to all ages and experience levels. Patrons can increase their agility and coordination in a peaceful Tai Chi class or by taking a page from the more intense Boot Camp Condition.

Fall in love with the gym again with these classes:

Zumba: An easy-to-follow, Latin-inspired “dance fitness party.” LA Fitness also offers an array of other dance and rhythm-based workout classes.

Cycle Zone: This efficient 45-minute stationary cycle class will get your heart pumping.

Kickbox Cardio: Feel like a knockout after 55 minutes of kicking, punching, bobbing and weaving in an energetic  cardio and strength class.

Yogabeat: Flow through poses in this relaxed, refreshed dance-inspired yoga class.

Even though it’s hard for a gym enthusiast like Witte to admit, one of the quickest ways to beat fitness fatigue is to get outside.

“Hiking is a great way to reboot,” Witte says. “I find out what each of my clients like and dislike about working out and suggest ways to spice up their routine, whether that’s in the gym or adding some outdoor fun.”

LA Fitness offers personal training in 25-minute and  50-minute, increments and can help match gym-goers with a workout plan they’ll love. You can find out more by visiting www.lafitness.com to find a location nearest you.