United Air Ambulance stands strong at the forefront of the emergency medical-transport industry, and the Arizona-based medevac service provider is about to expand its footprint even further with the opening of a new, 5,839-square foot facility in Chandler.

United Air Ambulance and its industry partner, Air Ambulance Billing, will occupy the new space at 2,301 E Yeager Drive, Ste. 2, in Chandler. A ribbon-cutting ceremony with the Chandler Chamber of Commerce is slated for 4:30 pm Tuesday, April 5. In addition to expanding its physical address, the locally owned and operated company will add multiple positions and considerably enhance its transport capabilities, allowing it to serve more patients and families in need of critical medical treatment and care.

“We’re thrilled that this new facility will allow us to serve more patients and families in a timely and efficient manner, but we’re also excited to be among the companies supplying Valley residents with new and rewarding jobs,” said United Air Ambulance’s Cheyenne Lord. “Expanding our footprint is the logical next step for our company, particularly given how much growth we are poised to experience in the coming months and years.”

In addition to providing emergency medical transport services both domestically and internationally, United Air Ambulance has become known for its work with American travelers who may become injured or otherwise encounter medical issues while traveling abroad. Known for breaking common industry trends and providing transport services with little to no money upfront when necessary, United Air Ambulance’s team is also trained to ensure insurance companies adhere to industry laws and maintain fair practices in their dealings with patients.

“Our priority has, and always will be, our patients,” Lord said. “That’s why we’ve been able to persevere when other companies have been forced to fold, and that’s what we’ll continue to focus on in the new facility.”

For more about United Air Ambulance, its new facility and its domestic and international medical evacuation and transport services, visit UnitedAirAmbulance.com.