Did you know that Murphy beds were created by William Murphy and they were very popular at the beginning of the 20th century? A Murphy bed is also known as a pull-down bed and it’s ideal for small bedrooms.

But why should you get Murphy wall beds installed in your property? There are numerous benefits you can reap by doing so. Keep reading to find them out!

1. Have More Space In Your Bedroom

A Murphy bed is one of the most popular types of wall beds available on the market. It can easily fold into the wall or a cabinet specially designed for this purpose. This helps you have more space in your bedroom or guest room. During the night, you pull down the bed and enjoy a comfortable sleep. During the day, you simply fold the bed against the wall and use the space to play with your kids or pets, for example.

2. Available In Various Sizes

Murphy all beds also come in different sizes and have various folding mechanisms. For example, you can have a single, double, queen or king-sized Murphy bed installed in your bedroom. This piece of furniture can be custom-made and come as an individual unit or together with a cabinet. You can even have built-in accent lights installed on your Murphy bed to add a splash of color to your bedroom during the night!

3. Murphy Beds Are As Comfortable As Regular Beds

Some people think that because this is a bed that folds against a wall, it’s not built for comfort. This is totally false. Murphy beds are designed with comfy mattresses which allow users to enjoy a sound sleep during the day or night. The simple fact that this is a wall bed doesn’t make it less cozy than other types of beds.

4. Murphy Beds Provide Value To Your House

You might be happy to find out that a Murphy bed adds value to your home and protects your initial investment. If you decide to move, you can take the Murphy bed with you wherever you go and have it installed at your new place. If you decide to leave it behind, you can factor the cost of the bed in the total resale price of your house. In any case, you don’t lose money in the long run by going with Murphy bunk beds.

5. You Can Easily Operate A Murphy Bed

The idea of folding a bed against the wall worries you? Do you think that you need to have Arnold Schwarzenegger’s strength to do that? If that’s the case then you should relax. Murphy beds have a counterbalancing design that allows you to operate them using a single hand, whether you’re a stay-at-home-mom or college student. That’s why they’re so popular because they can be easily folded or pulled down by people of all ages.

Ready to Install Your Own Murphy Wall Beds? 

As you can see, you’ll never go wrong if you choose Murphy wall beds because they have been designed for comfort and ease of use. Get your own today and be ready to experience more space in your bedroom for the rest of your life.

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