It’s no wonder multi-family communities are using social media to get the attention of potential tenants since the world runs on social media and the internet. By using social media, landlords of multi-family communities can reach a larger audience and maybe even entice people to relocate. Read on to see how multi-family communities are utilizing social media to attract tenants.


The largest social media platforms are overrun with ads targeting specific audiences. Facebook allows you to run ads targeting certain age groups, locations, and people with certain interests. By having audience specific ads run, landlords of apartment communities can utilize social media to reach a larger audience than they would with locally placed ads and information.


Social media offers insights that apartment communities can utilize to attract tenants. Facebook offers a way for you to see what kind of people are seeing your posts, so you can narrow down your targeting or expand it more as needed. With insights into the ads you’re running, you can also see how people are engaging with your posts, whether they are only viewing, commenting, liking, or sharing. This will give you a view into your audience and whether your ads are intriguing enough to follow or not.

Instant Response

Before social media, potential tenants may have had to wait for days before receiving a response regarding an apartment unit they had questions about. Now, they are just a message away. With direct messaging, landlords can instantly respond to questions about the unit, rent, or whatever there is a question about. Quicker response times can attract tenants, especially when they’re in a hurry to find a new place to move to.


Word of mouth is still a good way to get reviews on apartments, but not everybody knows someone who has previously rented a unit at the community they’re looking at. Facebook allows for users to create and post reviews on business pages, so you can get an idea of what the apartment community is like. They also have a rating system that goes up to 5 stars, so if you see a page with low stars, you may want to steer clear. 


Landlords will find it much easier to showcase new apartment units, promotions on rent or deposit, and other events hosted in the community. They can include pictures, videos, and other media material to draw the attention of potential tenants.

Social media has made it possible for many businesses and even apartment communities to reach larger audiences. Since most of the world uses social media daily, landlords can utilize it to attract tenants using ads and insights. Instant responses by messenger or another direct messaging system are also attractive to tenants since their questions can be answered immediately. Sharing promotions and events in the area may also attract tenants since they can view photos, videos and more. That’s just a small portion of how multi-family communities are utilizing social media to attract tenants.