Boys will be boys, and therefore when selecting the best design ideas for their bedrooms, it’s essential to choose ideas that will not be girly. They need to be appealing to the boy, and according to Murale Design, these are some of the wallpaper design ideas that can help the above problem.

Worldwide adventure

Every young boy has a desire to travel the world and explore. This desire can be brought closer to the boy by incorporating murals that are designed with characters with travel adventures. The murals should also murals to enable more designs in the years to come.

Black and White

This color is neutral and accepted by most boys since most of them are not enthusiastic about bright colors. This color is also appropriate if you are looking to have more children or planning to have more kids.

Sports fan

Most boys are sports fanatics and tend to have a favorite athlete. You can decide to bring the experience close to him by designing a muraledesign with a picture of their favorite athlete. Some may even be fans of race cars, and they would appreciate murals designed with race cars images.


This a fun and out the box idea that enables the boy to expand his imagination. This idea turns a normal room into a fun space for them to play. Considering how active boys are at a young age, their bedroom will not only be a place to sleep but also a place to play and fun.


Most children at a young age are obsessed with superheroes. This idea can be implemented by use of a mural that will cover the whole room and make the entire room excitement. One can boost this idea by putting stuffed animals and action figures on the shelves. 

Two-tone fun

This idea is perfect because of its ability to incorporate other designs or home décor changes. This design involves two colors, one on the bottom half and the other at the top of the other half of the wall. It can also be a unique pattern of just two colors.


One of boys’ favorite activity is going to the beach. Coming up a with beach or ocean water mural is a fun way of bringing this experience to the boy in his room. These designs may also include landscape views. This design is a way of bringing calm in the room that help drive the boy in sleeping.


At some point, we were all obsessed with Star Wars. Boys are obsessed with space and incorporate ng this idea in wall mulls make their room more exciting and fun. The absence of stars also enables the boy child to sleep.


This idea involves a great deal of consultation with your kid. The kid identifies his interest or passion and interest can be transformed into an idea that can be incorporated into a mural. This will make the boy feel more connected to it while still young.