As Baby Boomers prepare for retirement, where they will live and how they will live are key decision drivers when considering their next chapter. Most 55+ home shoppers are not only looking to find a new home but are seeking opportunities to enrich their lives through following new interests, making new friends and vital to many – embracing health and wellness for themselves. In a recent proprietary study by Shea Homessurveying 55+ new home shoppers across the country, 81 percent of participants said they would prefer a wide spectrum of health and wellness programming as a resort amenity within their community, deflating the assumption that only fitness centers are a priority in 55+ shoppers.

Trilogy by Shea Homes, a national leading 55+ and resort lifestyle community brand, has always been a disruptor within its industry space, creating new ways to meet consumer needs for pre-and post-retirees since 1999. Standing out from others, Trilogy 55+ communities across the nation are on the forefront of trend-based programming, consistently designing vibrant and health conscience lifestyle offerings and amenities for homeowners through its resort-caliber clubs.

A significant differential to competitors, Dr. Amy Whittington, board-certified Naturopathic Physician, leads Trilogy’s signature wellness education program for Trilogy communities across the country. Dr. Whittington believes that the best of health is realized through a combination of traditional western medicine and integrative medicine. Her expertise delivers guidance on a range of topics of interest through newsletters and simulcast workshops, allowing homeowners to participate in interactive learning sessions at any Trilogy community.

Trilogy has been at the vanguard of several signature wellness programs, including the branded fitness experience Afturburn, combining the best of high-intensity interval work, personal training, and mobility modules to create a challenging and motivating fitness regimen for homeowners. The specialized fitness classes maximize time in the gym but also provide a wide range of outdoor recreation opportunities, including a multi-surface trail system by Avid Trails™ and Avid Fitness Pods™ at the resort lifestyle brand’s Ocala Preserve community located just north of the Orlando area.

Capitalizing on the interest of outdoor excursions, Trilogy has dedicated space to outdoor enthusiasts. When Trilogy Lake Norman north of Charlotte grand opened its resort club in 2017, it debuted its outdoor adventure amenity, The Outfitter, where homeowners can grab their daily latte while picking up their kayaks for an adventure on the lake or planning another outdoor excursion of interest. The Outfitter is the trailhead for the community and the meeting spot for excursions off-site. The standout amenity presents ample opportunity for outdoor recreation in the surrounding areas. Additionally, several 55+ and all ages Trilogy communities offer extensive hiking trails, both within the community and nearby.

“Health and wellness at Trilogy communities is so much more than going to the gym because you’re supposed to, it’s about galvanizing a happier life through enriching experiences and activities,” said Jeff McQueen, President of Shea Homes Active Lifestyle Communities, the division that leads the Trilogy brand. “With so many amenities and activated programs at hand, homeowners can choose how they want to further their wellness journey. At Trilogy, we’re responsive in creating programs that meet consumer demand as much as we are in developing offerings that meet the needs homebuyers didn’t know they had.”

Health and wellness opportunities for homeowners, at 55+ as well as all ages Trilogy communities, don’t end with innovative recreational programming and expert resources.  Currently, Trilogy manages 12 resort clubs within both their 55+ and resort communities across the country.  Each club can include but is not limited to resort amenities such as hiking, walking and biking trails, chef-driven food and beverage programs, locally popular on-site dining venues led by Executive Chefs, championship golf, pickleball and sport courts, full-service day spas, creativity studios, sports and game lounges and resort pools- all complementing and contributing to the brands approach to overall health and wellness for homeowners.

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