Just as our wardrobes and hairstyles evolve to keep pace with the trends in fashion, interior design trends move forward just as quickly.

Everyone craves a change of scenery from time to time, and updating your home may provide that fresh, new look you have been searching for. According to some of Arizona’s top interior designers, homeowners are opting for cozy furniture, while keeping a modern aesthetic in mind. Designers are using gray and taupe with bright accents, like orange or pink, for all aspects of the home. Free-form sculptures, intricate wall coverings and vibrant paintings are serving as stunning focal points and will give any room a new look and feel.


AngelicaHenryAngelica Henry of Angelica Henry Design describes gray as a popular color choice for 2013. It is being used for everything ranging from cabinetry to flooring. She completed a home in Paradise Valley in March 2012 that exhibits the request for gray, which she calls “the updated version of brown.” She selected clean lines and shapes to create a streamline effect within the space and then added pops of color to bring some flair to the nonchalant color palette.

Although clean lines and straight edges may appear to be designed with only style in mind, Henry strives to find pieces of furniture that her clients will actually enjoy using. She mentions that her clients are not only looking for trendy streamline furniture, but also durable and comfortable pieces. Contrary to the past, designers are aiming to make every room in their clients’ homes livable and functional, even the formal living room, she adds.

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The desire for comfort has extended beyond the interior. Henry says that homeowners are now focusing on making their outdoor spaces just as livable as the rooms inside their homes. The key to creating the perfect outdoor area is to find a resilient, yet stylish fabric. She describes the perfect material as “durable enough to withstand our intense sun, but looking and feeling like a fabric that could be used indoors.”

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KMorozKrystyn Moroz, owner of DTN Design Group, describes how the universal shift to eco-friendly living has incorporated organic and earthy appeals into designs. Because of this trend, designers are using brass accents as an alternative to muted metals that have been popular in the past.

“Brass has a warm, comforting feel that incorporates well into the organic, natural designs that have been emerging recently,” Moroz says. She often uses emerald paint and tribal print to create earthy accents.

Designers are integrating striking wall coverings into their projects as well.

“Wallpapers aren’t pink geraniums on a cream background in our grandmother’s kitchen anymore,” Moroz says. “They’ve become a bold expression of the individual and a brilliantly creative alternative to paint.”

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She has also been utilizing colorful artwork to make bold statements in her projects, rather than using them as an overlooked background element. Art is no longer restricted to a flat canvas; designers have been placing three-dimensional pieces on walls to create an updated style of artwork. Moroz adds that free-form sculpture has become especially popular for adding a playful, unconventional element into any room.

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