Elegant plastic.

Like “pretty dumb,” “virtual reality” and “little giant,” describing plastic as elegant is an oxymoron for many. Somehow it is attributed to the fact that plastic is cheap and easy to produce. And that elegance, of course, is usually worth a lot because it is a special trait. Who, then, would believe that there is elegance in mere plastic?

Believe it now. With the advantages of using plastic, plenty of outdoor furniture have been designed for public use. These sets of plastic outdoor furniture were also subjected to high-grade quality control so that the pieces of perspex do not exude any impression of flimsiness or being substandard.

In this regard, here are six advantages of using plastic outdoor furniture:

  • It is affordable, which is perfect if you only have a limited budget.
  • It is easy to clean, thanks to the smooth and flat surfaces.
  • It is much lighter than iron or wood.
  • It offers more variations, designs and colors.
  • It can still withstand damage, pressure, moisture and time.
  • It is easy to produce, and so there are more stocks available in the market.

To make it easier for you to believe that elegant can still be prefixed to plastic, here are five types of plastic outdoor furniture:

Plastic beach loungers

Perfect for beach resorts, this outdoor furniture is water-resistant, which allows beach and pool-goers to rest despite wet swimsuits.

plastic outdoor furniture

Multipurpose outdoor furniture

There is no specific purpose for this outdoor furniture because it can work as a stool, a foot rest, a side table and even as a lamp. The plastic material allows light to pass through it, which is perfect for outdoor nighttime hang-outs. It is also lightweight and portable for users to bring anywhere they go.

Brightly colored plastic sofa set

The living room functions as a receiver of guests. However, the same activity can still be accomplished outdoors by means of this plastic sofa set. In this way, guests and owners can relax and enjoy fresh air through open surroundings without the hassle of heavy iron or wood pieces.

The best part is it’s available in multiple color combinations. Furthermore, the seats and the table are designed to fit each other perfectly. So when they are not in use, they can be placed close together and occupy less space.

Plastic umbrellas

Even elegant coffee shops make use of plastic umbrellas. Big, plastic umbrellas are suitable for guests who enjoy being outdoors but need shade from the sunlight.

There is no limit to man’s creativity. Use these concepts so you can create a design for yourself that is elegant and as affordable as plastic.