Having a great garden area can greatly improve the wellbeing of a house’s residents. It can be very important for a person or family’s mental health to be in touch with nature in a controlled and enjoyable way, and garden attractiveness is a great way to add ‘curb appeal’ to your real estate project. Many studies have found that homes with well-developed gardens fetch higher prices. Here are the best garden improvements to boost your property’s value.

Make the lawn look low maintenance

If you make the lawn look neat and low maintenance, the value of your property will be protected instead of enhanced. A messy edge around your garden will make the whole area look worse for wear, which can reduce the visual appeal of the space and therefore the curb appeal of the whole house. You can edge a lawn with just a few tools, so it doesn’t require much manpower at all.

Increase plant-density

Plants are a great way to solve many problems you may have. Thickly planted trees or shrubs can help to take attention away from walls that need some extra work, but they can also help fix other problems that are more difficult to tackle. Road noise can be difficult to deal with because its a result of a property’s location, but if you have a garden with lots of shrubs and trees, they can absorb the sound and make the whole property seem more peaceful. If you have neighbors that can access your garden too easily, shrubs can help to fix that problem too. However quirky your garden is, plants will likely be able to level it up.

Install a BBQ pit

A BBQ pit is a great way to increase the value of a property. You can choose from different types of BBQ grills and build them into a sunken pit in your garden. The good thing about pits is that you get to vary the structure depending on your budget. You can make the walls from stone and fit them with lights in a higher-budget property, but you could make one with varnished pine walls and floor if your budget is slightly lower. The pit will look great and will yield a great ROI.

Make sure there’s color throughout the year

You do not know how long it will take for you to sell your property, so when you’re planning the garden, make sure you think about keeping it colorful during the different seasons. You don’t need to load it with expensive flowers, but make sure you have a distinct splash of color. This will increase the appeal of your property for low investment by giving your garden a simple facelift. Make sure you know your perennials from your annuals.

Install new turf

Before putting your house on the market, complete a small audit of the grass around your property. If there’s any grass that looks patchy or thin, this could put some buyers off. Make sure you lay new grass in any areas that need it, so the whole property is looking clean and surrounded by lush gardens.