From yoga to cardio, increase your well-being by transforming your backyard into a personalized space for enjoyment and self improvement.

The backyard as we know it has possibilities that we often overlook, particularly when it comes to exercise. While the size of one’s backyard may be subject to the density of the community, the layout and infrastructure of homes in Arizona allow a privacy and personalization that many places do not offer.

Backyard ExerciseThink about the exercise possibilities that backyards offer. Beyond having a pool to exercise in, sports courts, putting greens and yoga areas are all possibilities to create the perfect “playground” in the backyard.

With vendors, designers and other specialists readily available, it is possible to unify several elements and interests to create a plan and a system that promotes well being and prepares us for daily tasks — all in the form of enjoyable recreation.


Consider a scenario in which an element such as a swimming pool is not only fun, but can also be part of a proper workout. Most backyard pools are relatively smaller in size than pools found at fitness centers or athletic facilities, providing a limited space for swimming laps. However, with the right mechanisms, this can be changed. A typical residential pool can be modified to create waves for one to swim against, creating an “endless pool” effect. Think of it as a treadmill — except it’s for swimming.

“It is better to consider the endless pool function when first thinking about designing a pool, but that does not mean an existing swimming pool cannot be modified as well,” says Michael Paluscio of Boulder Creek Pools in Phoenix.


Another activity, such as yoga, can easily be transformed as a zone in the backyard. Yoga exercises can take place in a studio with others, but that does not mean it always has to. According to Lee Zinsky from At One Yoga in Phoenix, “As long as the yoga environment is defined, neutral, and safe for an individual, the space can take any form and setting.

“It is dependent on the individual of what they need around them to be able to reach a meditative state,” Zinsky adds.

Based on that, a “yoga zone” setup can vary from household to household because one person’s requirements will differ from another. Thus the zone can be situated in the backyard as long as the basic requirements for a space are met.


Combining yoga and swimming with other activities, such as a putting green or volleyball pit, or even a workout zone and an herb garden, can create a healthier environment in which to live.

This is where a specialist, such as Paradise Greens in Scottsdale, comes in handy for putting green golf systems, and landscape architects or designers, such as Azul Verde Design Group in Cave Creek, become better investments to bring the vision of a backyard setting into reality.

If these possibilities are taken into consideration, the backyard setting now becomes a personalized space for enjoyment and preparation.

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Scottsdale Living Magazine Winter 2012