A chill has finally settled over Arizona, and as you start to consider blasting your furnace to make the inside climate feel like the desert once more, you first might want to consider some tips from Goettl Air Conditioning.

Turning on the heater for the first time in months after a long summer can cause severe reactions to family members and pets, so you want to make sure the process is safe and effective.

“Turning on your furnace for the first cold spell will burn up dust, pollen and air born particulates that have been collecting for months and blow them throughout your home, often causing severe reactions for your family and furry friends,” notes Ken Goodrich, the owner of Geottl AC. “However, with a few precautions, consumers can be warm, cozy and safe at the same time.”

To help ensure a smooth process, Goodrich recommends some tips to reduce the impact on your family.

These include:

  • Open all the windows in your home, turn on all ceiling fans
  • Turn on your heater to 80-85 degrees
  • Run the system for at least an hour
  • Turn off and close the windows

“Goettl also highly suggests consumers have a carbon monoxide detector in your home and having your system maintained twice a year,” Goodrich said, adding that all Goettl AC maintenance visits includes a safety inspection of your system and that changing the batteries in smoke detectors is a part of that inspection process.