Have you ever been to a spa? Have you ever spent the day with nothing on your mind but your own mental well-being? Have you ever experienced true peace that allows you to calm down and decompress completely?  Have you heard of home wellness design?

Whether you answered yes to every question or are still wondering what relaxation even is, now is the time to learn how to bring these feelings into your everyday life. 

Kirsten Holmstedt, founder and CEO of Treasure in the Detail, says, “Home is a place where we want to go in and unwind, recharge, recover. So, I think it’s really important that each of our spaces really provide that comfort and that positive emotional energy that we’re needing.” 

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Here are a few tips Holmstedt offers to help you redecorate your home with wellness at the forefront of the design. 

Redesigning on a budget 

You don’t have to completely remodel your home to be able to experience the residual benefits of wellness in the home. Holmstedt recommends first taking the time to organize your space.  

“Having your room clutter-free helps reduce anxiety and that feeling of overwhelm,” she says. 

This could be as simple as going to Target and getting a few decorative buckets to sort the clutter into. While you are sorting, she explains it is beneficial to get rid of things that no longer bring you joy.  

Another easy step is to organize your home so there are dedicated “calm zones” around your bedroom or even throughout the house. These spaces will give you an area to sit and find your peace of mind. 

She says it can be nice to have these zones for “meditation, listening to music or reading.” 

Then, Holmstedt says you should look for ways to bring the outdoors in. “You can do that through houseplants or flowers,” she says. “Maybe bringing some of your furniture pieces closer to the windows or opening up the windows where you’re bringing the natural light in.” 

Lastly, Holmstedt recommends adding candles or using essential oils to appeal to all your senses. “That’s a part of your senses where it can impact your mood and emotions,” she says. “Maybe bring back happy memories or things to invoke that positive energy and mood.” 

Making big, bold changes 

Now, the above recommendations apply to everyone, but if you have a little money to spend or want to start from scratch, Holmstedt has a few other ideas as to how you can truly embrace the wellness trend throughout your home. 

Her ideas go all the way back to the initial build. She says something she is often thinking about when designing homes is window placements. 

“Making sure that everything’s open and you can bring outside in so that you feel that connection to the outdoors,” she says. 

When the main build is complete and she gets into the aesthetic, Holmstedt recommends earth tones and light neutrals when painting, as well as keeping with natural wood tones for cabinetry and natural stone for countertops and in showers. 

“That’s a really great way to bring in some of those elements and create a calming and grounding environment,” she says. 

Wellness staycations are here and lasting 

Holmstedt has been designing this way ever since she started her company and even designed her own home with these ideas in mind because it is “really important” to her to create a peaceful environment for herself and her clients. 

“I think we can all relate to just how busy the world has become,” she says. “If we can create the space that we can almost escape to, it can be a place that we go unwind and really recharge for that next day.” 

With wellness being such an important part of life, Holmstedt does not see its design elements going away anytime soon. She says, “There’s just so many ways that we can do that successfully, whether it’s now or in the future.”