Frank Lloyd Wright has had a profound impact on the world of architecture, and the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation continues to show how Wright’s work continues to play an important role in society today. 

Video by Jesse A. Millard 

At Taliesin West, Wright’s winter home, the foundation holds tours and many events year-round to show that Wright is just as relevant today as he was when he was still alive, says Jeff Goodman, director of marketing and communication at the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation.  

“(Wright’s) ideas were so innovative and forward looking… here at Taliesin West this idea of the open concept is right here in this place he started in 1938,” Goodman says. “This idea of indoor/outdoor living, bringing in natural light, bringing the nature around you into your home so you feel more grounded and connected with the world around you,” is here, Goodman explains.  

In 1938, Frank Lloyd Wright began the construction of Taliesin West, the beautiful desert locale where he would spend his winters for the rest of his life. 

Wright brought his Taliesin Fellowship to the winter camp where his apprentices would work for many years. He would have his apprentices build their own shelters that they would have to live in too.  

Goodman says that Wright designed one third of his life’s work while he was at Taliesin West. One of Wright’s masterpieces that was designed at Taliesin West was the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum that’s located in New York, Goodman says.  

Today, students of the School of Architecture at Taliesin learn from the same studio where Wright designed the Guggenheim Museum. 

Taliesin West is a “living museum,” Goodman explains. This means that visitors can sit on the furniture and really walk around the buildings that make up Taliesin West instead of being restricted behind ropes.  

The structures at Taliesin West are beautiful, and inspiring. Visitors can really get the sense of Wright’s unique style of architecture.  

During Wright’s time at Taliesin West, he would constantly experiment with new building materials, lighting and more, Goodman says.  

When Wright would return in the fall, he would sometimes knock down buildings, change designs and more, Goodman says.  

“(Wright) was ahead of his time, he continues to impact us,” Goodman says.