Kura Sushi is preparing to open its first Arizona location in Phoenix at the Camelback Colonnade (1949 E Camelback Rd, Suite 164, Phoenix, AZ 85016) on Wednesday, December 22 at 5 p.m.

The“Kura Experience” features:

• Revolving Sushi Bar

• Express Belt (made-to-order requests)

• Bikkura Pon Prize System – prizes are received for every 15 sushi plates

Kura Sushi offers savory, authentic Japanese dishes made with high-quality ingredients. It is Kura Sushi’s philosophy and ongoing promise to prepare food using natural, premium ingredients free of artificial sweeteners, seasonings, preservatives and colorings. Its authentic Japanese dishes and innovative systems have been passed down and improved upon since its parent company opened its first restaurant in Japan in 1977. Phoenix will be the 34th Kura Revolving Sushi Bar location in the United States.

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Background on Kura Sush

Kura Sushi USA, Inc., is an innovative and tech interactive Japanese restaurant concept established in 2008 as a subsidiary of Kura Sushi, Inc. As pioneers of the revolving sushi concept, the Kura family of companies have improved upon the idea and developed innovative systems that combine advanced technology, premium ingredients, and affordable prices to enhance the unique revolving sushi dining experience. Since the opening of its first restaurant in Japan in 1977, Kura Corporation has grown substantially with over 540 locations across Japan, Taiwan and the United States. It pays particular attention to ingredients, taste, and preparation for all of its dishes. The restaurant’s philosophy of “muten” or “nothing added” is an ongoing promise that its food is prepared using fresh, high quality ingredients free of artificial sweeteners, seasonings, preservatives and colorings.

Revolving Sushi Bar

The Revolving Sushi Bar is the primary belt and snakes through the dining area with plates of sushi that are protected by its patented Mr. Freshᵀᴹ ventilated sushi lid, which limits airborne exposure and has plate-tracking technology that monitors how long the item has been circulating, ensuring your food is always fresh and delicious from conveyor belt to table.

Express Belt

The Express Belt is positioned above the primary belt. it is referred to as a “sushi highway,” as guests can place orders using the touch panel tablet at their table and their food arrives directly to them from the kitchen. Kura has have over 140 menu offerings, but with its Express Belt system, you’ll always be able to enjoy your favorite plates without having to wait for them to come around on the primary belt.

Bikkura Pon

The Bikkura Pon Prize System is an integral part of Kura Sushi USA’s innovative and tech interactive dining experience and is comprised of a prize machine, touch panel and plate disposal slot located at every table in the restaurant that are connected via sensors. The touch panel registers the number of green and red plates dispensed into the plate disposal slot. After every five plates inserted, a short animation will play on the touch panel and after every fifteen plates inserted, a prize will be dispensed from the prize machine. Kura often collaborates with popular Japanese and Japanese-inspired brands to develop various prizes, or they’ll develop original Kura Sushi prizes. Prizes vary by collaboration from lanyards to chopsticks, badge reels, keycaps, acrylic chains, and more!

Kura Sushi App

There is a Kura Sushi App that allows guests to view live wait times and join the waitlist remotely. In addition to the waitlist feature, guests can also use the app to earn rewards. For every $50 spent, guests earn a $5 coupon. Users can also access our online ordering platform for pickup or delivery.