Feeling a little blue being stuck at home with the pandemic looming over your head? Fear not, we have an inexpensive way of lighting up the mood. No matter what climate you live in, plants can be your best companion.

Be it sunflowers for warmer climates or cacti for when winters arrive, and you are feeling too lazy to give your plant daily attention.

Here are some tips to style your home with flowers and plants to make it a homelier, cozy and happier place.

Choose flowers which are easy to maintain

If you are new to taking care of plants and flowers, we would suggest you begin with parenting a plant that is easier to maintain. You can choose flowering plants which bloom more than once a year such as orchids or hydrangeas, or if you are more of a leafy plant person you can opt for the snake plant which is a succulent that can easily be maintained in a pot.

For flowers that are fuss-free and low-maintenance, you might like getting a floral subscription service from Bouqs online flowers. You won’t have to worry about your roses wilting and dying, because every week you’ll just get a new bouquet delivered straight to your door. You can even re-purpose your days old roses into a do-it-yourself facial spritz.

If you live in a house with more sunlight, you can add extra happiness by keeping Bromeliads which produce colorful foliage and flowers when given bright light. Remember – start with low maintenance plants and when you see your home blooming and happy you can increase your collection and become a full-time plant parent.

Place your plants where they are most visible

The entryway can be one of the most important places in your home to decorate. It’s the first place you see when walking through the door, and so decorating your entryway with fresh flowers is always advisable. You’ll feel calmer after a stressful day at work just by simply entering your home. It is best to place the flowers in small vases or if you want to be chicer you can get small buckets and collect your flowers in them.

Place them on your kitchen island, living room side tables or hallways since those rooms are the ones you spend lounging in or around the most.

Position your plants just right

The happiest plant homes are the ones where the plants are thriving. Plants and flowers thrive if provided with the right conditions, which is a fact many plant parents start taking for granted after the first week of getting their plant babies.

It is important to ensure your plant is getting just the right amount of sunlight, water, plant minerals and that you are keeping wary of any pests. So do your research when getting the plants for your home so that your home can stay happier longer.

Make your special flower place comfortable

To create the perfect ambiance, you need to not only have plants in the right space but also a space that you can unwind at. During the lockdown we have all been frustrated with too many people around or with our ‘make-shift’ offices, so a place with your favorite flowers and a place just for your own is important to create a happy home with plants and flowers.

We suggest throwing in some soft cushions and have a corner in your veranda with fairy lights and flowers such as roses and daffodils in your corner, or choose from hydrangeas and Geraniums to lighten the mood, whatever is your choice of flower.

Dim lights, your favorite flowers potted or in a bottle/vase and your go-to music to unwind – voila! The perfect place to connect with yourself without the noise of the world.

Plants connect you to yourself and ground you to nature which is why they can make your home a place that brings joy to not just you but your family and friends. Trust us, your home will become the next hang-out spot for everyone in just a matter of months especially when your flowers start to bloom.