Everyone deserves their dream home, but unfortunately not many of us live in it. Transforming your house into your dream home can either be a simple update, or it can require a huge remodel. Know your options, and don’t immediately cross an option off the list because you think it’s too expensive. Chances are you can enjoy any of these options on the list, even a new build, with the right planning and perseverance.

1.    Give Your Home a Facelift

The bones of the property can be fine, but if you aren’t happy with the way it looks there will always be something missing. If your property has everything that you need, then look into giving it a face lift. Repaint the outside, redo the walls and floors inside, switch out the fixtures like the lights and taps. These small changes can transform a property, and in most cases, are very budget friendly to do.

2.    Open Up You Home

If your home is old, then chances are it has more doors than is necessary. If it feels dark, closed in and small, a great way to update it is to either knock down walls or install archways instead of doors. Your options will be limited depending on which walls are low bearing, but even in these cases, you can usually get away with opening up the whole wall save for a few columns necessary to provide the support. Open up your home and you have a whole new property.

3.    Get Storage Off Your Floor

If you have a small property, the last thing you want is to have bulky furniture take up the entire space. You cannot avoid this with some items — beds and sofas, for example — but one thing that you can work with is storage furniture. Chances are there are a lot of nooks you can install seamless storage solutions right into the wall. Yes, you are technically taking up floor space, but when it is built into the wall and corners of your home that did not have a lot of use beforehand, you open up useable space, making it feel bigger and more livable.

4.    Start from Scratch

If your old property cost a small fortune to bring up to today’s standards, then trying to renovate and retrofit it is a waste of time and money. It is far more worthwhile to look up some small house plans and see if you have permission to knock down your old property. If you are, you can have your dream house built from the ground up exactly to your specifications and with all the modern amenities.

5.    Connect to Nature

A connection to nature is a need that is inherent in our very genetic makeup. Landscaping, installing larger windows to enjoy the outdoors, and even decorating with plants can do wonders towards improving your mental health and well-being right at home. Home, after all, isn’t just design or décor, it’s a feeling, and working on improving your yards and interior with nature is a great way to improve the feeling of home in your property.