“How did he/she ask?” or “What’s the proposal story?” are the most common questions every couple faces after they announce their engagement. This is understandable considering engagement is the beginning of a new journey for two people. We are at the tail-end of the engagement season 2021-2022 and a lot more proposals are bound to pop up in the coming days.

According to The Knot, in the US alone there will be over 2.6 million weddings in 2022, a record high in 40 years since 1984. Not only will the couples be under pressure of getting married, but there might also be demand and supply issues when it comes to vendors and venues.

If you have been planning to pop the question to your better half, the wise decision would be to ask them this year and plan a 2023 wedding way in advance. Moreover, certain trends will change the way you propose in 2022, and following these trends will ensure that you get the ‘Yes’ from your partner.

Here are the top proposal trends that will change the way people propose in the year 2022. From gram-worthy locations to buying rings together, this article will tell you everything you need to know.

It’s All About Instagram

Setting up the location is one of the most crucial aspects of a proposal. It could be anywhere from your partner’s city in the world to the place where you first hugged or kissed. And while the location might have a personal significance, 2022 will witness proposals that are made in scenic locations.

Studies have revealed that during the last year, 75 percent of proposals were made outdoors. The trend proved that couples are looking to travel and get back outside, which is a trend that will continue even in 2022 as the restrictions continue to ease. People are looking for proposal spots that would make for stunning backdrops in their engagement photos. These include quirky AirBnbs, scenic trails, and observatory spots, among others.

Creative and Intimate Proposal

Gone are the days when engagement proposals were meant to be grand gestures. The trend in 2022 will be to be creative and personal. This year, more than ever, people are planning to pop the question during a moment that feels personal and authentic to their relationship.

While the pre-pandemic phase might see people associate proposals with over-the-display of affection, expensive dinners, and elaborate setups, intimacy and authenticity will take precedence this year. This comes from the realization that small and meaningful touches can be as impactful as grand gestures. Personalized gestures like a custom-made scrapbook of crucial moments in your relationship or a photo album of initial chats will play a huge role in personalized proposals and this trend is here to stay.

Collaborative Ring Buying

In the past, usually couples surprised each other with proposals and proposal rings. They would scoff at the idea of going ring shopping together. However, this trend is about to change in 2022 as jewelers are witnessing an uptick in couples who come in to buy rings and design them together.

Considering that the engagement ring is a forever thing, you wouldn’t want it to be something that you don’t like. This is the school of thought behind more and more couples being thoughtful about the ring they pick and curating a design that they would prefer to wear for a lifetime.

If you’re also planning to buy rings together with your future better half, you’ll find a lot of options online. You can look at the range of Sapphire engagement rings on this page for yourself as well as for your partner.

Surprise Element Will Continue to Be in Trend

While more and more couples are now engaging in collaborative ring buying, it doesn’t mean that the element of surprise is a thing of the past now. The only thing that has changed is that both individuals now know that a proposal is coming and they are willing to spend the rest of their life together.

It’s then up to the proposer to come up with a proposal event that the partner couldn’t have guessed. Couples these days are now investing in an over-the-top, full-blow event with professional event management agencies to pull off their once-in-a-lifetime moment. This will continue to be the trend in 2022 as couples feel the pressure to plan a proposal that stands out.

These are the top engagement proposal trends that will continue to gain momentum in 2022. People are breaking the conventional molds of what proposals are perceived to be and going for a more collaborative affair, more than ever.