Overdue for a getaway, and a good night’s sleep? Hotel Valley Ho and Mountain Shadows have just launched two unique sleep packages – well timed for National Sleep Awareness Month, which takes place in March. These dreamy offerings are designed to lull you into a peaceful night of rest, enabling you to enjoy the mental and physical benefits associated with good sleep.

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Photo courtesy of Hotel Valley Ho

The Bubbles & No Sleep Troubles package at Hotel Valley Ho is making counting sheep a breeze. Get the bathtub going and treat yourself to a luxurious soak enhanced with LUSH’s Sleepy Bubble Bar — featuring lavender and tonka to soothe and relax. Unwind at the end of your day with “Sleep Meditations,” a book with easy-to-follow relaxation techniques designed to promote sleep, including meditation, breathing exercises, and nature-inspired visualizations for bedtime. Pop on a Sleep, Plz. wellness patch from Fleur Marché (four included) for the perfect combination of melatonin and hemp and use Candier’s ‘Babygirl, Go To Sleep’ essential oil roller on your pulse points for a heavenly dose of calming ylang ylang and lavender. Eyes feeling heavy? Grab your velvet-lined flamingo eye mask and you’ll be ready to snooze in no time.

At Mountain Shadows, the Moon & Stars Sleep Package is designed for dreamy dozing. Start your evening routine by making a cup of Golden Moon Milk, with a full jar of powder included. Inspired by Ayurvedic wellness, it contains turmeric to combat inflammation, lavender and cardamom to aid in relaxation, and restorative plants including reishi and blue lotus. Kick-start your wellness journey with a 90-day sleep journal designed to help you snooze better and live a more present life. It includes an evening practice for setting restful goals along with a morning practice for analyzing how you slept. Add a dash of Star Dust Pillow Mist to your pillow, face, and hair to find calmness, with a sedative blend of lavender floral water, cedarwood, and Himalayan pink salt. When you’re ready to start dreaming, grab the Brooklinen constellation eye mask and enjoy the cool, soothing feel of mulberry silk. Sweet dreams.

Each package is $155 plus tax, available now through the end of 2022. The Bubbles & No Sleep Troubles package can be booked by contacting reservations@hotelvalleyho.com, while the Moon & Stars Sleep Package can be reserved by contacting reservations@mountainshadows.com. Inquiries to add the packages to your guestroom reservation must be made at least 48 hours in advance.