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September 19, 2022

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PetSmart Veterinary Services opens its 1st Arizona location

PetSmart Veterinary Services (PVS) announced the opening of its first veterinarian hospital location this month following a recent launch of the new independent, franchise business ownership model. Veterinarians’ dreams of owning and operating their own business are now becoming a reality with the first hospital opening in a Peoria. PVS anticipates the opening of several veterinary hospitals over the next few months in Florida, Pennsylvania, and Texas. Currently, nearly 750 PetSmart stores are home to a veterinary hospital, with that number set to grow as more PVS locations open.

“Since announcing PVS, we have received a tremendous response from veterinarians across the country expressing interest in becoming business owners and excitement for the opportunity to begin building their own practice,” said John Bork, senior vice president of vet health services at PetSmart. “Opening this first hospital location brings great momentum to the future of PVS and the continued support of veterinarian professionals who we know will do anything for pets through their expertise and diligent care.”

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Through PVS, veterinarians open their own franchised practice, making it possible to operate an independent business at the fraction of the cost of starting a new practice on their own. PVS performs the build-out for each of the hospitals and provides some of the cutting-edge veterinary equipment necessary for the operation of the hospital. In addition, each owner receives administrative support from PVS’ experienced team of dedicated industry experts. Additionally, to ensure the highest standard of care, every PVS hospital will maintain American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) accreditation, giving the hospitals a competitive edge and pet parents more confidence in the care provided to their beloved pet.

PetSmart veterinarian hospital in Lake Plesant with kiosk and waiting room inside store.
PetSmart Veterinary Services (PVS) opens its first veterinarian hospital location in Peoria.

“PetSmart Veterinary Services is all about putting veterinary hospital ownership back in the hands of veterinarians,” says Dr. Jaime Klimsey Pickett, DVM and owner of the first PVS location to open its doors. “Since I began practicing veterinary medicine, I have seen the difference in the care provided to pets and the happiness and fulfillment of the veterinarians themselves when they are in control of their own business. This independent ownership model empowers doctors to continue to do what they love while supporting their own career and personal development. It is a win-win for veterinarians across the country.”

Currently, Arizona — and the entire nation — is experiencing a deficit in veterinary services. In fact, the Humane Society shared findings from the Banfield Pet Hospital, reflecting an estimated  75 million pets in the U.S. could be without the veterinary care they need by 2030. To help counterbalance the local shortage — largely due to trained professional staffing shortages —  a bill led by the Arizona Humane Society would provide veterinary students $100,000 in student loan forgiveness for those willing to remain in Arizona to practice for a minimum of four years. The bill, which passed the House and the Senate is currently waiting to be signed as part of next year’s state budget.

The first PVS hospital opening its doors this month is located at:

PetSmart – Lake Pleasant

25372 N Lake Pleasant

Peoria, AZ 85383