Renowned visual creator, director, and photographer Bill Pack is set to captivate art enthusiasts at the upcoming ‘Celebration of Fine Art Scottsdale‘ with his unparalleled automotive photography. Internationally acclaimed for his ‘Painting with Light’ technique, Pack will display his mastery in transforming cars into artistic masterpieces, a skill that has led to collaborations with luminaries like Roger Penske and recognition at prestigious events such as Pebble Beach and Amelia Island.

“I believe that every car has a story, and through my lens, I aim to tell tales that resonate with viewers long after they’ve experienced the art,” says Pack. “The ‘Celebration of Fine Art Scottsdale’ is a fantastic opportunity to share these narratives and connect with fellow enthusiasts who appreciate the beauty of the automotive world.”

Pack’s upcoming showcase at the ‘Celebration of Fine Art Scottsdale’ is a golden opportunity for art enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the world of automotive artistry. His unique approach to photography, highlighted by dramatic chiaroscuro styles reminiscent of painters like Caravaggio, brings out the emotional essence of automotive design. Visitors can expect to be transported into a world where each image tells a compelling narrative, showcasing Pack’s distinctive journey through the lens.

Pack’s artistic prowess extends beyond traditional photography, transcending into the realm of fine art. His collaboration with Roger Penske on an exclusive car collection book and the completion of the Phoenix Art Museum’s book, “Legends of Speed,” are just glimpses into his multifaceted portfolio. His exhibition at the iconic Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum, where his ‘Painting with Light’ collection resided for six months, visually represents his passion for automotive art and design.

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“As an artist, my goal is to transcend the mechanical and reveal the soul within each car” says pack, “’Painting with Light’ is more than a technique; it’s a journey into the heart of automotive design, a dance between light and form. 

In addition to his museum exhibitions, Pack’s work has earned him several prestigious awards, including recognition at the San Francisco Show, the Communication Arts Magazine award for his current automotive work, and a Gold ADDY Award for his Phoenix Art Museum book, “Legends of Speed.” His talent also caught the eye of Smithsonian Magazine, leading to a week-long social media takeover of their Instagram platform.

For those seeking to incorporate Pack’s unique automotive artwork into their spaces, his pieces promise to instill a sense of movement, history, and passion. Interior designers can explore the opportunity to commission collections that push the boundaries of traditional art placement, inviting conversation and admiration.

Don’t miss the opportunity to witness Bill Pack’s extraordinary automotive artistry at the ‘Celebration of Fine Art Scottsdale’ that runs January 13 through March 24. For tickets, visit For more information on Bill Pack and private art commissions, visit or contact