78% of U.S. consumers say a sustainable lifestyle is important to them and that they’re prioritizing eco-conscious details and design in their home. Opendoor has released its list of 15 eco-forward cities and towns across the U.S. – and Phoenix is ranked No. 14 on the list! 

“Phoenix is proud to be named an eco-forward city. For years, we have prioritized growing our city in a climate-conscious way by investing in electric vehicles and charging infrastructure, a robust public transportation system, and critical water conservation initiatives. As we continue working towards our goal of becoming the most sustainable desert city in the world, it’s exciting to see our hard work pay off,” said Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego.

The City of Phoenix’s Transportation 2050 Plan aims to break its car dependency with a 35-year plan to improve access for those that bike, drive, walk and ride transit services. Phoenix is also implementing a plan to prepare for 280,000 electric vehicles in the city by 2030. 

“The cities and towns on our list, like Phoenix, are putting a concerted effort into making eco-minded practices and solutions the norm,” said Jennifer Patchen, a Real Estate Broker for Opendoor. “From biking, EV charging, and transit, to recycling and secondhand stores, home buyers looking to plant roots in a ‘green’ community should consider Phoenix.”  

Opendoor’s top 15 eco-forward cities and towns

1. Somerville, MA 

2. Emeryville, CA  

3. Jersey City, NJ

4. Boulder, CO

5. Arlington, VA 

6. Portland, OR 

7. West Hempstead, NY 

8. Carrboro, NC 

9. Salt Lake City, UT

10. Santa Monica, CA

11. Temple Terrace, FL

12. Fort Collins, CO

13. Dearborn, MI

14. Phoenix, AZ

15. San Diego, CA


The eco-forward cities are identified by analyzing and averaging the number of OpenStreetMap eco-forward tags that are within 3 miles of all addresses in a city where Opendoor Brokerage operates. These tags include: bicycle parking; bicycle rental; bicycle (shop); charging station; recycling; transit-related tags such as platform, station, and stop position; and second hand shop. In addition to these tags, Opendoor compared the resulting list to each city’s sustainability efforts.