steakDowntown Glendale has a new hang-out for everyone to enjoy. The Desert Rose Steakhouse, Pizza Gastro Pub and Cigar Lounge, which set up shop in the old welding facility, brings fine food, cigars and fun to one property.

The Desert Rose has two restaurants: the steakhouse, which serves certified Angus beef; and the Pizza gastro Pub, cooking golden brown delicious pizza for all to enjoy along with traditional high-quality pub fair.

Owner of Glendale’s Gaslight Inn, Teresa Outzen and her husband, Pete Gliniak, bought the old welding facility located near 57th Drive and Grand Avenue, where the Desert Rose set up shop.

The steakhouse is designed like a traditional steakhouse, with original woodworking inside of the building, along with an open-chef bar where patrons can watch their steaks get prepared. Everything inside the restaurant is brand new — from the equipment to the tables and chairs, Gliniak said.

The steakhouse is the most modern of the buildings that make up the Desert Rose, he said, as it was built in the 1950s and has a domed ceiling that they uncovered when they remodeled the space.

“It looks like a brand new ceiling,” Gliniak said.

The Pizza Gastro Pub has an industrial vibe with a bar loaded with 32 beers on tap, most of which are from local microbreweries, and a window that opens up behind the bar. The space also has two garage doors along with a patio that can be opened up when the weather allows it, Gliniak said.

All of the food is fresh, tailored to the tastes of the owners, who are serving their favorite foods.

Nothing is frozen and the gastropub serves handmade soups that are made fresh daily, Gliniak said.

Not even the fish and chips are frozen, he added, and they’re hand battered.

People who like to play a game or two before they eat or while they wait can enjoy shuffleboard and  foosball tables along with jenga and chess.

Cigar connoisseurs looking to enjoy a delicious steak or pizza while they smoke some of their favorite brands will rejoice, as the Desert Rose has a cigar lounge, located inside an original adobe building.

You can order anything from the restaurants, and the cigar lounge has a separate patio for cigar lovers to enjoy a delicious meal outside while they smoke their favorite cigars.

The adobe cigar lounge is draped in Cuban-style décor, which comes from Cuba, and the cigar lounge currently offers 94 cigars. If you can’t decide on what kind of cigar you might want, the lounge is staffed with two experts who will be able to assist your cigar needs based on pallet and more.

Outzen had passed by the property that is now the Desert Rose for years since she owned the Gaslight Inn. Both Outzen and Gliniak wanted to open a restaurant there and were able to do that after they bought the property a couple of years ago.

The space is large enough for events and Gliniak plans to host several events in the near future.

After renovations, the Desert Rose opened in early January. The entire property is very spacious and allows patrons to be able to drink anywhere in the courtyards within the property fence.

“You can go from one atmosphere to another,” Gliniak said.