Cigna in Arizona won the Process, Progress & Leadership in Work site Health Promotion award by the Wellness Council of Arizona at the 30th Annual Meeting Worksite Health Promotion Recognition luncheon in Tucson.

The award is presented to organizations that can demonstrate they have a work site health infrastructure endorsed by senior management, robust employee engagement, programs that are designed based on the needs and interests of employees, and resources and programs available to encourage healthy living.

This award is for groups that have built the platform for prevention and improved health among employees.

“Health and wellness is at the core of Cigna’s business strategy and company mission to improve the health, well-being and sense of security of the people we serve,” said Kim Lipsky, manager of Well-Being for Cigna in Arizona. “We are honored to be recognized by the Wellness Council of Arizona for the employee wellness programs we provide to approximately 3,000 Cigna employees in Arizona.”

Cigna offers wellness programs to employees around the world including the United States, Europe and Asia Pacific.

Employees in the 25 work sites throughout Phoenix have access to a variety of health and wellness programs, discounts, incentives and worksite support.

Lifestyle management programs for stress, weight loss and tobacco cessation, annual flu shots and on-site biometric screenings are a few examples of programs available to employees.

Various webinars and video courses are created for employees on health topics ranging from Paleo and gluten-free diets, to mindfulness-based stress reduction and the basics of exercising smarter.

In addition to wellness programs, nursing rooms are available to support employees who desire to continue breastfeeding upon their return to work.

The rooms are part of the national Cigna Moms program which provides participants with lactation support, a breast pump and educational materials.

Cigna also provides a pre-disability program which helps employees work more comfortably when suffering from a medical or ergonomic issue. An on-site fitness center is also available to employees at its largest Phoenix office.

“Cigna’s wellness strategy was created to build a sustainable, best-in-class culture of health globally that will result in improved employee health, well-being, productivity and engagement,” Lipsky said. “Being recognized by the Wellness Council of Arizona is a true testament to the amazing programs offered to employees here in Arizona and around the globe.”