Ever wonder what’s missing from a great theater experience? Once I stepped into Flix Brewhouse in Chandler, I knew: atmosphere.

Normally when I go to a movie theater, I know what to expect: buy my tickets up front, pay for concessions in the back, and go right or left to the theater. However, at Flix Brewhouse, I was immersed in a different environment: one that was laid back yet inviting, and still captured the excitement that comes with going to see a movie.

On the corner of Chandler Blvd. and Arizona Ave., the newly-opened Flix Brewhouse is a modern building with glass panes and yellow accents, beckoning patrons to come in for a bite to eat and see a movie. Flix is a refreshed concept with a twist that separates it from a traditional theater — one example? Large kegs visible through floor-to-ceiling windows on the right-hand side. The brewhouse’s open floor plan makes the auditoriums visible from the front and ticketing at the back of the brewhouse, along with a full bar to the left with seating and windows displaying more kegs above the bar.

Combining the laid-back atmosphere of a brewery with a full bar and seating, TVs to watch while enjoying items from a diverse menu with a variety of beers, cocktails and wine, and burgers, pizza, sandwiches and munchies like potato skins, popcorn and chicken wings, paired with amenities offered in upscale theaters including food service in the theaters.

Four ticket kiosks greet you when you first walk in, allowing you to choose which movie you want to see up front, or speak to a Flix Brewhouse employee at their ticket counter in the back.

Their nine auditoriums at the back of the brewhouse are in an L shape — starting with theater 1 which is visible from the entrance, and continuing numerically down a long hallway, and then theaters 6-9 branch off into another hallway. Reclining seats in each theater provide comfort, and some seats have extending trays that function like a drawer for food service, and a spot in the tray to put the menu, so it doesn’t get lost in case you want to order more food.

The dark wood flooring and yellow accented walls add a modern and colorful flair to the brewhouse’s design, allowing patrons to take in the brewhouse itself. That simplicity is mirrored in their decorations, artistic interpretations of famous movie characters in the same style, without movie posters and large displays. It feels like a more sophisticated experience that’s perfect for a night out with the family, friends or on a date.

Going to Flix Brewhouse is a unique experience, one that combines great tasting food and drinks (I had the chicken tenders and house margarita — both of which I recommend), and a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere for an enjoyable time at the movies. Next time you’re in the mood to go out for dinner and a movie, Flix Brewhouse is your ticket.