Cox Communications today announced that its high-speed internet service has been recognized by Ookla Speedtest, the global leader in network intelligence and connectivity insights, as offering America’s fastest internet download speeds in the second quarter of 2022. According to consumer-initiated tests taken with Ookla Speedtest, Cox internet service led among U.S. internet service providers with median download speeds of 196.73 Mbps. Additionally, Cox has the fastest internet download speeds in Gilbert, Arizona, which took the top spot in the Q2 2002 as the fastest city for median download speeds over fixed broadband among the 100 most populous cities in the United States.

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“Ookla has been recognized as the standard for internet testing for decades.  In Arizona, where internet is essential to our personal and business lives, speed is king. We are proud to deliver that for our customers,” said Percy Kirk, Vice President and Region Manager for Cox Southwest.

During the past year, Cox has raised speeds for the majority of its customers — including Gilbert internet customers — by increasing its Preferred tier download speed by nearly 70 percent to 250 Mbps, doubling the download speed on affordability tiers like Connect2Compete and ConnectAssist, and bringing existing Cox Essential tier customers’ download speeds up to 150 Mbps. Cox also introduced 2 gigabit symmetrical speeds in several neighborhoods.

In the last 10 years, Cox has invested more than $19 billion in network and product upgrades to deliver some of the most powerful high-speed internet, TV, phone, and home security and automation services, as well as a growing suite of business offerings such as its cloud and edge services.  The company will make a multibillion-dollar annual infrastructure investment over the next several years to build a 10-Gigabit capable, fiber-based network that will power the next generation of internet users.

Cox customers seeking to measure their in-home internet speed should download Ookla Speedtest for their desktops and mobile devices. Ookla Speedtest can also be run from a web browser at

Getting the most accurate test of internet speeds

Internet speed test results can vary based on several factors such as the devices themselves, the location of the equipment and sharing connections. Most individual devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops aren’t capable of supporting super-fast speeds. The age and capabilities of the modem or router from which the test is run can also impact result. Newer model modems can better leverage available network capacity. Device network interface is also important. For speed tiers above 100 Mbps, your router, modem, or hardwired device must have a 1 Gbps Ethernet Port. The amount of people sharing the connection also impacts speeds, but it’s important to remember that most households can run multiple devices at one time seamlessly with 250 Mbps download speeds, where people spend a majority of their time.