55places.com — a leading real estate platform for homebuyers 55 and older — released today its list of the 20 Most Affordable Places to Retire in 2021. To compile the ranking, the company examined U.S. cities with a population of at least 50,000 and determined a score based on a variety of data points, including cost of living, median home value, taxes, accessible health care, transit and walkability scores, availability of 55+ communities, and more. This produced an index of metropolitan areas that offer a mix of quality living opportunities within an attainable price point.

Though choosing a retirement location is a personal and subjective decision, affordability is top of mind for buyers. In fact, 43% of respondents who participated in 55places’ 2020 National Housing Survey, said they expect the value of their next home to be slightly less or much less compared to their current home.

“For the millions of Americans who depart the U.S. labor force each year, the image of what an ideal retirement is can differ,” said George Kolar, regional sales manager for 55places.com. “However, an inexpensive and comfortable way of living are top factors that are considered before entering this phase of life. For adults looking to retire in 2021, the 20 metropolitan areas listed below provide prospective homeowners with low living costs and attractive amenities to foster a high quality of life.”

The 20 Most Affordable Places to Retire in 2021:

1. Boynton Beach AreaFlorida
Median Home Price: $187,100

2. Sarasota AreaFlorida
Median Home Price: $239,600

3. Salt Lake City AreaUtah
Median Home Price: $237,500

4. Dallas-Fort Worth AreaTexas
Median Home Price: $165,000

5. Tampa-St. Petersburg AreaFlorida
Median Home Price: $182,900

6. Corpus Christi AreaTexas
Median Home Price: $133,200

7. Baltimore AreaMaryland
Median Home Price: $156,400

8. Pittsburgh AreaPennsylvania
Median Home Price: $116,300

9. Delray Beach AreaFlorida
Median Home Price: $267,100

10. Ocala AreaFlorida
Median Home Price: $128,600

11. Philadelphia AreaPennsylvania
Median Home Price: $156,800

12. Wilmington AreaDelaware
Median Home Price: $169,400

13. Tucson AreaArizona
Median Home Price: $146,500

14. Houston AreaTexas
Median Home Price: $161,300

15. San Antonio AreaTexas
Median Home Price: $136,800

16. Harlingen AreaTexas
Median Home Price: $83,500

17. Phoenix AreaArizona
Median Home Price: $217,400

18. Florissant AreaMissouri
Median Home Price: $96,400

19. Charlotte AreaNorth Carolina
Median Home Price: $200,500

20. Yuma AreaArizona
Median Home Price: $134,100

More information about the offerings of each location and the methodology used to determine the order can be found at 55places.com/blog/the-20-most-affordable-places-to-retire-in-2021.