Kitchens are among the most heavily used rooms in our homes. So regular cleaning of appliances, chopping boards, and floors is a must. And once every three months, you should also deep-clean your kitchen. Read on to find out the best way to deep-clean your kitchen.

Prepare what you need

Before you begin, make sure you collect all the necessary cleaning supplies. To deep-clean your kitchen, you’ll need:

• Rubber gloves

• A bucket

• Dish soap

• Surface cleaner or disinfectant spray

• Sponges

• Oven cleaner

• Floor cleaner

• Metal polish</li>

Alternatively, you can use homemade cleaning products that you can easily mix yourself.

Start with the appliances

The appliances usually take the longest time to clean. If you’re about to scrub the oven, hob and fridge, you’ll want to make sure that the appliances are unplugged from the mains.

Fridge/freezer: Remove the contents from the individual compartments and throw away out-of-date or unwanted food items. Then scrub the inside of the fridge using a sponge and water with dish soap.

According to this article, the best way to clean the oven is by using a specialist oven cleaner. That’s because these formulations remove even dirty, burnt-on grease. However, you could try more natural cleaning solutions like vinegar and baking soda first.

Hob: Remove the hob plates and clean them individually in a sink or bucket. Wipe the hob with a special cleaner or disinfectant.

Clean the surfaces and cupboards

Once you’ve finished with the main appliances, it’s time to move onto the surfaces and cupboards. Use a scratch-free sponge and water with dish soap to wipe off dirt and stains. Clean the inside and outside of cupboards. You may also want to have a clear-out at the same time. In that case, empty the cupboards first and get rid of the items you no longer need. If they’re still within date, you could donate them to a food bank rather than throwing them away.

Don’t forget the sink

Because you’ll be using the sink throughout to refill your bucket of water, it’s usually one of the last spots to be cleaned. Try some surface cleaner or limescale remover to get rid of persistent stains and banish all the gunk that’s accumulated over the last few months.

Clean the floors

The floors should be the final area to clean. For tiles, vacuum or sweep away any big bits of food or dust. Then mix some water with dish soap and wet-wipe the floors thoroughly until all the stains are gone. For more tips to deep-clean your kitchen, check out this post.