There can be no definitive list of the best online games because such a list is always changing. Just as social media and internet trends can be transient and temporary, so too are the games we play online. Anything can go viral just as we have seen with the return of some of the older arcade-style games, songs, and more, that we thought were old and over.

However, what we have begun to realize in the games sector is that there are certain genres of games that consistently outperform the others. These can indeed be listed and discussed. It is then also possible to look at the reasons that these specific game genres are so popular.

The Game Genres That Consistently Outperform Others in the Popularity Stakes

MOBA: Multiplayer online battle arena games are real-time strategy games in which two teams of characters compete head-to-head for the prize. They are 5 versus 5 games where each player has control of a hero with spells and abilities. Defense Of the Ancients (DOTA) was a game that has become one of the most famous MOBA’s of all time and player numbers are still on the rise.

PUBG: PlayerUnknown’s Battleground has become one of the most downloaded and played games ever.

First-person shooter: The first-person shooter has always been a firm favorite among gamers out there since the release of Doom in the early 90s. Controlling the player character or avatar in a 3-dimensional space has advanced leaps and bounds and games such as Half Life, Counter Strike, or Halo are among the most played games in a genre that dominates the online space.

Casino games: The casino gaming sector is the fastest growing online gaming genre at the moment and yes, this could very well change, but for now, it would seem that people want to play online games that provide a sense of luxury and glamour. Places like are a great example and have the type of casino games that we now all want to be playing.

Why These Are the Top Game Genres and Will Continue to Be So Going Forward

• Competition

The main commonality of all the popular game genres and sectors is the level of competition. The fact that there will be a winner is a key aspect of all the game genres as noted above.

• Relaxation

All the genres provide an opportunity to detach from reality, enter another realm, fantasy worlds, or even hunt other teams as a huge monster/avatar.

• Convenience

There are no top-ranking games played that are too complicated to access. They must first be available online and then access must be seamless and playing should be glitch free.

• Free-to-Play

Games like PUBG that recently switched to free-to-play platforms have arguably been one of the main reasons online games have remained so successful and as popular as they are.

Perhaps the key to understanding which type of game and the specific genre will produce the next big seller of the next viral online game is in understanding what people need and look for in the entertainment and games that we play.