Dental care is crucial to maintaining oral health; it is recommended to visit a dentist twice a year to have perfect dental health. Healthy teeth mean free from cavities, cracks, or grooves. And most of all, healthy teeth do not have oral issues or damages caused by improper oral hygiene.

Maintaining proper hygiene includes a regular visit to a dentist. Dentists usually do a routine and straightforward checkup or complete cleaning unless a patient has a complex dental complaint. So in such cases, it is always recommended to go to a dental specialist who perfectly does the appropriate solution to the specific dental problem.

When To Visit a Dentist

Other than the regular visits, you should know when you need to go to a dentist. Your visit to a dentist is equally important, especially if you are experiencing intense dental issues that need immediate attention, like toothache, pain in the mouth, or swelling gums.

You should also see a dentist if you experience unusual or abnormal cases like bleeding gums, abscessed teeth, persistent and excruciating pain, and others. Further, a dental visit is necessary for some emergency circumstances when necessary.

Sometimes special dental issues need specialists to do the appropriate treatment. So if you experience such a case, you should seek the necessary treatment as soon as possible. It will always help if you have a family dentist or a dental clinic you can trust. If you’re in Queensland or somewhere nearby, looking for a reliable Sunshine Coast Dentist is easy.

Where To Go For Your Dental Concern

Aside from the quality of service, you always look for specialists who do high-quality service and reasonably affordable charges for the dental services they provide. Look for dentists that treat patients like family, who will talk to you and offer you the most conservative options possible.

And most of all, go to the dentist who specializes in the specific dental issue that you want to be treated upon: 

Children and Teens Orthodontics

You go to an orthodontist for children and teens’ early dental interventions. An orthodontist makes the appropriate diagnosis, prevention, and correction of mal-aligned teeth or jaw or misaligned bite patterns. Also, if children need dentofacial treatment, it is always essential to go to an orthodontist with complete orthodontic treatment options. Talk to them and make sure you understand the specific procedure before having that crucial intervention done.

Children may also have other dental interventions to correct, like narrow dental arches, crowding teeth, crossbites, oral habits restrictions, or airway function improvement. So always remember to go to an orthodontist specializing in children’s dental care.

Adult Orthodontics

As you desire to improve your smile, one of the options is to go to an adult orthodontist. You can get effective methods like traditional braces, crowns, veneers, and dental implants. Also, adult orthodontic patients need teeth and jaw alignment that were not addressed early on during childhood. And leaving it further untreated may lead to other dental problems like difficulty in chewing.

An Endodontist

An endodontist is a dental specialist concerned with diagnosing, preventing, and treating dental pulp diseases at the tooth nerve. Endodontists also perform simple to complex surgical root canal treatments or surgical root procedures.

It is said that endodontists perform more than 40,000 root canals per day, and that means saving the same number of teeth in a day.

The General Dentistry

General dentistry is a broad range of dental procedures for kids, teens, and adults alike. It covers consultation, diagnostics, and many standard procedures a general dentist does. General dentists are practicing dentists who earned degrees as Doctor of Dental Surgery or Doctor of Dental medicine who perform specialized procedures as well as common ones like:

Extractions – are permanent removal of a tooth from its socket done manually. It is  the last option when a tooth can not be saved with other treatments like a root canal. Extraction is done to prevent the potential spread of infection to other mouth areas.

Fillings – dental filling removes a decayed portion of the tooth and fills it with gold, porcelain, or silver amalgam. A filling is also done to repair broken or cracked teeth that have been damaged due to misuse.

Dental prophylaxis – commonly called “prophy”- is the polishing of teeth purposely done to control bacteria on the teeth and gums. Oral prophylaxis is typically done twice a year or every six months.

Root canal treatment removes the inflamed or infected pulp, cleans or disinfects the affected surface, and seals to prevent reinfection.

Teeth Whitening – teeth whitening uses peroxide-based bleaching agents to whiten a discolored tooth that may be caused by too much taking of coffee or tea, curries, too much soda, or smoking.


Like physical health, dental health is equally essential which needs proper care and attention. And like any service, dental procedures must be done by an expert and specialist who gives the best treatment possible. So to maintain your best dental health, never miss your dental visits to the best dentist in town.