More and more vehicle owners use the services of scrap dealers that buy out-of-service catalytic converters. This used part can always be sold profitably instead of just throwing it away. For example, the best prices are provided by a company with the main objective of buying scrap catalytic converter in UK – AutoCatalystMarket.

In this article, we will discuss how to determine a failure, why dealers accept out-of-service parts, and what their value is.

Symptoms of failure

Like other parts of the vehicle, the catalytic converter has a limited useful life. Possible problems in its work are indicated by the following symptoms:

• Check Engine indicator lights up and does not go out after the engine is started;

• The vehicle picks up speed slowly;

• Fuel consumption increases;

• There is an unpleasant odor in the exhaust.

In order to accurately determine whether these malfunctions are related to the incorrect operation of the catalytic converter, it is recommended to contact a car repair shop and conduct computer diagnostics of the vehicle.

Why dealers are interested in the failed converters

Dealers pay a high price for out-of-operation catalytic converters. The cost of each individual part varies and depends on the residual amount of noble metals of the platinum group in it. Catalyst honeycombs are coated with such elements as:

• rhodium;

• platinum;

• palladium.

But it is profitable to extract them only if the process is industrialized, and the modern equipment is used for it. That is why catalytic converters are bought up and sent to large enterprises for centralized processing.

It is very difficult to extract precious metals at home and it is dangerous to health. The cost of this process will be more expensive than the possible revenue from the extracted materials, which are contained in the converter in small quantities. It is much more profitable to sell a spare part through AutoCatalystMarket.

Catalytic converter: replacement options

It is recommended to avoid full wear of the converter. This will have a positive effect on the environment and on the cost of the part. If the first malfunction signs of this exhaust system unit appear, you should think about visiting a car repair shop. There are three main options for replacing the catalytic converter:

1. Replacement with a new part of the same brand. This method is the most expensive, but also the most reliable. In this case, the car will comply with the environmental standards declared by the manufacturer;

2. Installation of a cheaper analog. This option will help you save a little while taking care of the environmental impact. The disadvantage of such a repair is the use of lower-quality materials in the manufacture of the part, which leads to an earlier failure of the catalyst;

3. Installation of a dummy sensor. It is the most budget-friendly option that will require the mandatory re-flashing of the ECU. But in this case, exhaust gases are not purified.

Regardless of which method the car owner chooses, an old part can always be profitably sold through AutoCatalystMarket.