March 25, 2021

Contributing author

Tips for moving from Arizona to Tennessee

Moving to Tennessee in 2021 might prove to be the best decision of your life. The reason is simple. This state has produced so many great people from time to time. Think of Elvis Presley and Morgan Freeman. Close affiliation of this state with Blues and Country music makes it a special living place. The charming environment, great natural sights, affordable but quality living, and many other reasons appeal to people from all over the US to this state. Keep reading this article to find important tips if you are thinking about moving to Tennessee this year.

Affordable Living

One reason why most people decide to move to the Volunteer state is the low-priced living in this area. Buying goods, going shopping, rents and everything in between is really affordable here. Even more, this state is one of the few states in the US that doesn’t charge income tax, a great thing indeed. Apart from these and many other benefits, there are some things you should keep in your mind as well. For starters, the sales tax in this state is very high compared to the others in the United States. So you should keep this factor in mind and plan accordingly.

The Weather

If you have been living in a state where the summers are not roaring, get ready for fighting the heat in Tennessee. The humidity levels in July and August are very high, and it may cause a problem for people who are not very tolerant to harsh summers. Ensure that you have some clothes and remedies ready when the weather starts getting hotter to save yourself from getting ill. And the summers are not the only thing you have to be prepared for in Tennessee. The sudden tornados are a real thing in here. Also, get ready to face severe tropical depression and severe thunderstorms. The point is that you have to make preparations according to the weather in this state.


The state transportation in Tennessee is good indeed. However, keep in mind that you might have to depend more on personal transportation if you have previously traveled in public transportation. The reason is that Tennessee is a populous state, and you would not like to get to the destinations late. Think about buying an affordable car so you can enjoy living in this state without putting a dent in your pocket.

Social Life

The one with more friends excels everywhere, be it Tennessee or any other place in the world. However, in Tennessee, if your goal is making friends and living a great social life, you might face a little disappointment. Generally, locals in this state are not open to outsiders. The reason is that more people have been making their way into the state, and the locals can’t make friends with each person getting into the state.

All this is irrelevant for you if you are not a people person and like to spend your time in solitude, aka introvert. However, if you are an extrovert, on the other hand, and love talking with people and making friends, remember that it may take some making friends and establishing deeper connections.

Accelerated Growth

As mentioned earlier, there is no doubt that living in Tennessee is very affordable, and you don’t have to worry about the living cost. However, as more people are making their way to this state, the cities are developing more and more, making the prices high and increasing the problems. Soon, it might not be as easier as it is today to live in cities like Memphis as there will be more people and fewer resources. This is not to intimidate you as the local government is making the best efforts to keep things in a balance; however, you should reconsider the city you’re planning to live in if you don’t particularly like busy cities.