Spring cleaning seems challenging, especially when your apartment or house is full of clutter. That’s the very essence of renting a self-storage unit when you’re kickstarting off your spring cleaning. After all, it’s a tough job to get your space ready after a long, frosty winter.

This annual tradition involves deep cleaning and decluttering your space so that you can welcome the warm summer season with a clear bent of mind and an organized living space. Now that you have your belongings placed with utmost care in your Arizona home and storage unit, organizing it for the new season holds pivotal importance.

Can’t wait to breathe some life into your space this season? How about trying these spring cleaning and organizing tips for your storage space? Sounds great, isn’t it?

Let’s get started:

How to Sweep Your Storage Unit:

The cleaning experts recommend using a three-category method to declutter your storage unit. Start by gathering three cardboard boxes or containers. Assign each box in the US Self Storage unit a category- keep, donate, or discard. Some tips for effectively cleaning your unit are:

• Discard anything that no longer works and also can’t be donated. These can be expired food, broken electronics, linens, tattered clothing, hunk mail pieces, and old magazines. You can either recycle these items or throw these in your trash receptacle.

• Remember, one person’s trash can act as a treasure for the other person. Donate the items like linens, furniture, electronics, media, appliances, clothing, kitchenware that’s still in a top-notch working condition to a charity organization or sell to a consignment store.

• The Keep container category can be pretty tricky. The experts recommend keeping only those things that will find their use shortly. However, browse through the items that have not been used for more than a year. Or, let’s say, you’ve forgotten if you’ve ever owned these; you can either donate these or discard them entirely.

• Clean your unit from top to bottom, dust it and wash the ceiling fans, fixtures and corners as first things first. Wash the wall, counters, floors, windows, and furniture.

• Clean the insides of windows from left to right and outsides from top to bottom. Doing so will enable you to tell the side that has streaks.

• Replace the batteries that detect smoke and run tests on smoke detectors after giving them a good wipe. Also, wash your knick-knacks and dust-proof the books.

• Rotate the flimsy when they lie in one particular position; they’re known to develop flat spots and creases. You can also sort your belongings after ensuring that they do not lose their shape when they rotate or shift. Clothing, linens, rugs, and tires are examples of items that require moving.

• An Arizona unit has hardly any air circulation. If you’re cleaning the same after an extended period, ensure opening your doors wide open the entire time. Doing so will get the damp air out and bring in the cool fresh air.

The Verdict- Store your Possessions in a Clean and Safe Place

Spring cleaning is the perfect opportunity for opening your bags and boxes. Rent a storage unit from US Self Storage and ensure storing your items properly. If you notice any damage, consider finding a better way to keep that particular item. You can either move it into a sturdier container or consider adding covers.

After all, a clean storage unit swears to serve all your needs!