Traveling abroad for vacation or business is typically something to look forward to. Especially if the experience is utterly new to you. That means making all the traveling arrangements is alien to you. With that said, you have to get your packing and documentation in check. That includes visas, passports, and sometimes ETAs. And if you are traveling to Montreal, Canada, you most probably do require an ETA for Canada. Such that when you get to Montreal, you can enjoy the following favorites during your visit.


One thing about Montreal is that it is very affordable regardless of the size of your pocket. And whatever you wish to dwell in during your visit, be it a posh luxury hotel or a cheap Air Bnb, Montreal can accommodate you. If you want to stay at a luxurious hotel, look into the likes of Petite Auberge Les Bons Matins, where you experience class at its best. If you love a budget-friendly hotel, instead consider Hotel St-Denis, where you get to enjoy an undisturbed walk to nearby restaurants and other social amenities. And lastly, a spacious Montreal Air BnB which always an excellent choice for people who love their space and do not mind fending for their meals, cleaning, and the likes.

Activities you can enjoy in Montreal

Just like most cities, there is so much you can get to do, but that will solely depend on your purpose of visit. But a few things remain constant- eating. And one place that foodies will appreciate is the Jean-Talon market. Located in the little Italy Neighbourhood, one can purchase a few ingredients and cook a new recipe at their Air Bnb residence. While in Montreal, you can also go to eat at the vast and posh restaurants making Canadian delicacies. Taking walks, hikes, boat rides, and as to be highlighted next, site seeing is some of the things Montreal has to offer.


Montreal is a vibrant historical city that anyone will find solace in visiting. One exceptional place to see is the Chinatown which has bustling restaurants and cafes, affordable knick-knack shopping and exciting and active nightlife for the party-goers. The foodies may also head to the Gibeau Orange Julep which is a roadside huge restaurant orange fruit- like structure. Here one can get to enjoy a quick afternoon meal of tasty burgers, hotdogs or fries. And if you are a lover of history, a visit down to the Holocaust Museum where you get to see exclusive pictures and artifacts. And if you are in Montreal for more than a month, you may enroll in a monthly educational program at the museum.

You may also go ahead and pay a visit to the Olympic Stadium that was used in the 1976 Olympics sports competition. The Big O is a great place to take your kids and family on a sunny afternoon. These are just some of the sites you can visit while you are in Montreal, but be sure to check for more when you get there.

Have fun!