When it comes to mobile phones, there are usually new versions of your favourite models released every year. Not everyone is going to want to grab the latest version, or in fact actually need it, but there is always a lot of buzz about new releases of popular phones such as the iPhone or the Samsung Galaxy.

With advances in technology, new versions of our favorite smartphones are usually packed with loads of new features, increased speeds and performance, better cameras and much more. Some releases contain better updates than others, though there is always something new on the model that the previous versions never had, and for a number of people, that’s a good enough reason to upgrade.

What about your old mobile?

When people upgrade their mobiles, there are a number of things that they can do with their previous model. They could trade it in as part of the upgrade, which is something that a lot of suppliers offer. They may also want to pass it down to a family member, which is great if you have kids and don’t want to splash out on the latest models for them as well. You could even simply pop your old phone in a drawer somewhere and keep it as a backup.

The other thing you can do with your old mobile, as well as any other types of electronic devices that you are no longer using for whatever reason, is to sell them. There are lots of places that buy all types of used electronics from mobile phones to old laptops, televisions, computers and much more.

Where can you sell your old electronics?

There are various options when it comes to selling your unused electrical items. You can find one of the various online companies that offer instant payment for your items. If you are selling any old mobile phones, then there are a number of companies that buy only these devices, and who have different price structures for the models and condition of phones, so you can see right away what they will pay you.

Other companies will want to know exactly what you are selling, and then tell you what they are prepared to pay. If you have an old iPhone or Samsung device that you are no longer using, then get a quote from Buyback Boss and find out how much they are prepared to pay you for it.

Selling them yourself online

In addition to selling to one of the many companies that purchase such items, you might feel that you can get a better price if you try to sell the item directly to another individual who will want to use it. This way, there is a chance that you can get a slightly better asking price, though there will be some more work on your side when it comes to selling it.

One of the most popular online platforms for selling absolutely anything is eBay. It’s an auction based website that has been around for about 20 years now, and in that time has helped millions of people all over the world sell all sorts of unwanted items from books and cds, to old phones, laptops and tablets.

Another place that has a very active marketplace is Facebook. You can place your items for sale on there which will be shown to people in close proximity to where you are, making it much easier to arrange a local meet up. There are also a number of Facebook groups that operate specifically for selling all types of items, so if you have a couple of old iPhones at home that you no longer use and are looking to sell, you can try those groups as well.

Benefits of selling unwanted devices

As the age old saying goes – one person’s junk is another person’s treasure. Just because you have something that you consider to be worthless, doesn’t mean that it is. For electrical devices that are in decent condition and actually work, you’ll find that there will usually be a lot of interested parties open to purchasing them.

You can actually earn a pretty decent sum if the items you are selling are in demand and good condition. Even if you have a mobile that is a few years old, there are probably thousands of people out there who are currently using even older models and would be more than happy to buy the one you are selling to give themselves an upgrade.

Selling unwanted items is also a great way to help out people who could be struggling financially. For example, there are many students who are on very tight budgets who might need a better phone or laptop than they currently have, and picking up a second-hand one like this will be most helpful to them.

Even though by selling an item you aren’t exactly recycling it, it is still something that can be beneficial to the environment, and does help to a certain extent. Even if the devices you are selling aren’t working properly, the parts and electronics inside can still be reused to refurbish other similar items.

Privacy issues

With any electronic devices that you want to sell, such as an old mobile, computer or laptop, it is important that you remove all traces of any personal information that may be contained on them.

Your mobiles may have various photos or video clips that you’ve taken over the years, as well as potentially other sensitive information such as emails or any documents you might have downloaded.

When selling your mobile devices, it’s important for your own security and privacy that all data is erased from the devices. Most phones will provide you with a reset option, which will erase all data from your devices.

With laptops and other computers, it’s generally a good idea to remove any additional hard drives that you may have installed in the system, and leave only the standard one that contains the operating system. Again, you should be able to wipe off all other data from the hard drives, so as to protect your privacy.