You might have heard people say that VOD is increasing, that they only watch VOD or their favorite show is VOD. But what does VOD stand for? Video on demand or VOD, are videos available for streaming online. Viewers can access videos created by streaming services, content creators and other providers. The biggest benefit to users is that they don’t have to download the videos in order to watch them, the content is loaded while the videos are being accessed. This means no long delays to consume content. Video on demand is streamed solely through the internet without having to rely on broadcasting through satellite channels. VOD is one of the most utilized components of the internet today.

Video on demand has a number of applications. From education to entertainment, VOD provides quick access to content that can help people learn about a variety of topics. Within education, channels like YouTube have endless possibilities for teaching people how to grow a business, learn a skill or take up a new hobby. Movies and television are widely consumed now via VOD as well as sports and music events. Even home workouts and training sessions have been uploaded to VOD.

VOD is available to all kinds of creators. Whether you are looking to upload fun videos about your life or looking to make curated educational content, there is a streaming service for you. Free services like Daily Motion or Youtube, allow potential content creators to host their videos. Although easy to use, these kinds of providers often have excessive advertising to keep the platform free and can be distracting for viewers to continuously file through ads.

However, if you are looking for something a little more sophisticated, paid VOD services like Maestro, allow for uninterrupted streaming. You will be able to keep ownership of your videos and structure the branding around your content in a more individualized way. This puts the power back in your hands so you can curate your videos to suit your style.

There are a number of ways to make money off of VOD which can be ideal for someone looking to start a content creation business. Options for a version of “pay as you go” mean that viewers will pay for a video they wish to watch and can rent or buy the content. This is often found on movie or television streaming services with a number of titles in their repertoire.

There are options for subscription-based VOD services. Users pay for a monthly or even yearly subscription to have unlimited access to the video content. These services vary from provider to provider in terms of pricing. This is becoming increasingly more popular across all streaming platforms as it allows users to access all content and maintains membership for a longer period of time.

There are VOD services that rely on advertising to maintain revenue. If you are using a video on demand service that allows for curation of the ads, this could benefit your brand as a creator. You can choose businesses that work well with your content and even support some of the videos you are doing. For example, if you run a home renovation channel you could choose advertising for tools and resources so users can buy exactly what you use in your videos. Not all streaming services allow this kind of selection in advertising so choose wisely.

If you are looking for a community-based feel and the added benefit of monetizing your VOD channel, Maestro is a hosting site that allows creators to take control of their content. With live-streaming capabilities, easy-to-organize layouts and access to subscriber contact details, you are able to really connect with your audience.

VOD doesn’t have to be one-size-fits-all. Maestro has made sure of that. You want to own your content and curate your brand, not fit into a box built for all. Video on demand is quickly becoming the forefront of internet use and a great way to build an income by doing something you love. You can choose a platform that allows for more individualization and ownership of content. This is a great way to build a business that feels uniquely your own. Choose a VOD service for your content that works with your goals and values. If you are looking to monetize your channel, choose a provider that allows you to grow your business in a sustainable way without compromising on what matters most to you.