HCLA 2014: Researcher of the year

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Venkatesh G. Ramaiah
Arizona Heart Hospital

Ramaiah, the medical director and director of vascular and endovascular research, successfully created the “un balloon,” which is used to remodel thoracic endografts without the wind sock effect. This products was able to be marketed and sold.

David Jacofsky
CORE Institute

Switching between his doctor’s coat and his suit coat, Jacofsky balances medical and business tasks. He is a nationally recognized expert in joint reconstruction and replacement, traumatology and oncology. He has expanded his organization to care for 43,000 new patients and plans to hire hundreds of new staff members

Glen Weiss

Instead of pursuing a traditional academic research career, Weiss changed courses in order to broaden his focus to early drug development for lung cancer, thoracic cancer, skin cancer and rare cancers. He completed numerous clinical trials with investigational agents and helped contribute the approval of three drugs to the FDA.

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