HCLA 2014: Physician of the Year

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Jimmy Chow
IASIS Healthcare

Chow improved the field of orthopedics by helping to design and teach a hybrid technique of a minimally invasive total hip replacement where the surgeon builds a new hip from inside the body. This surgery results in no post-operative limitations and many patients are discharged within 24 hours. Chow is one of 10 surgeons in the world to perform his surgery.


Karen Corallo Chaney
Magellan Health Services

Chaney provides clinical oversight for adults with mental illness. She initiated the Arizona Programmatic Suicide Deterrent System and the pilot, Driving Suicides to Zero, which utilizes screens, risk assessments, and interventions. No suicides were reported from the pilot and suicides by members of the behavioral health system has decreased by nearly 50 percent.

David Notrica
Phoenix Children’s Hospital

As the trauma medical director for PCH, Notrica helped create the only Level I Pediatric Trauma Center in Arizona for the evaluation, stabilization, treatment and care of children who have experienced a trauma. The program has expanded to treat 2,500 patients, making it one of the busiest pediatric trauma centers in the nation.

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