The growing competition in the real estate domain has made online marketing an essential investment for these businesses. Moreover, the first place where buyers and sellers start looking for them is on the internet. Building a solid online presence, therefore, becomes mandatory. While you must absolutely leverage the fundamental tactics like SEO and social promotion, there is a need to be one step ahead of the competitors. Video marketing makes a smart tactic in this context. It gives your business greater exposure and engages the audience. But you need to think out-of-the-box to achieve success with video marketing. Here are some ideas that can help.

Company profile videos

The key objective of online marketing is to establish your business as a trustworthy brand. Showcasing your profile video is a smart idea to kickstart your branding initiative. Create a compelling narrative that showcases your history, current market positioning and expertise (profiles of the agents working for you). Include your physical office in the video to connect with potential customers who cannot drop in personally.

Customer testimonials

If you want to take the trust factor one step ahead, including customer testimonial videos in your video marketing plan is the smartest thing to do. People are more likely to trust real customers rather than brands, which is the reason why positive testimonials can make a big impact on deal closures. Request your top customers to record a video and share it with you and you are good to go!

Property listing videos

From the selling perspective, property listing videos can make a gross difference. Potential buyers can get a fair idea about the properties on offer and sometimes, even make buying decisions based on these visuals. You can visit this page to understand how to empower your real estate video marketing strategy with promotional videos that actually sell. Remember that a well-made video can fetch the best deals for your business.

Question-and-answer videos

Real estate is a massive investment and buyers and sellers often have several questions in mind before transacting. Having FAQs covered by an expert in the form of a video can help you answer all the questions and engage with the audience as well. Moreover, this initiative shows that you genuinely care about your customers. It helps you consolidate long-term relationships that matter a lot in this industry.

How-to videos

Another form of video marketing that has a high engagement value is how-to videos. You can create ones with different ideas, from showing how to choose the best property for your needs to how to handle the paperwork and more. Though they may not exactly be sales-focused, these visuals can have a far-reaching influence on the customers’ decisions. Moreover, you can expect them to back for more insights through these informative pieces.

The objective behind having video marketing as a part of your online marketing plan is to create a greater impact, both in terms of sales and brand awareness. And if you use these ideas, you will probably be able to achieve both these goals sooner than you expect.


Kurt Mckinsey, a marketing maven and a connoisseur of literature works with Outreach Monks and assists the team to achieve definitive marketing goals for the clients.