GPE Companies announced Monday the decision to appoint Brooke Askew-Rossi to chief people officer. Askew-Rossi, who joined the firm in 2007, was formerly the director of business development and employee engagement.

In her new role, Askew-Rossi will manage human resources, and oversee talent management and acquisition. She will also continue her previous work maintaining property associations, promoting employee engagement and developing business relationships outside the firm. The company’s growth during the past two years, with its expanding roster of brokers and staff, spurred GPE to designate an official human resources liaison.

The title chief people officer reflects GPE’s core values, including the idea that happy and fulfilled staff members are integral to the company’s success. That philosophy has helped GPE land on the Phoenix Business Journal’s Best Places to Work list four years running. “That’s a huge accomplishment,” Askew-Rossi said, adding that she looks forward to continuing the momentum.

“I’m excited to promote synergy around the office, making sure everybody has the tools they need to thrive,” Askew-Rossi said. “I love to see other people succeed.”

“Brooke genuinely cares about people,” said President David M. Genovese. “Her terrific people skills and compassion already lead people to seek her out for questions and concerns around the office. The appointment solidifies her as the go-to person for human resource issues.”

During Askew-Rossi’s tenure at GPE Companies, she has also worked as an assistant property manager and association manager. Before joining GPE, she worked for 11 years in property management with an emphasis on associations.