Your home’s value depends on a lot of things, and one of them is its architectural style. So what are the most and least profitable home styles in Phoenix?

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Using Zillow listings, Five Star Painting scraped the average home price and the number of days on Zillow across the most popular architectural styles in America’s most populous cities — all to uncover the most valuable and fastest-selling home styles around the country.

Key insights about Phoenix home style profitability: 

  • Leading the most profitable home styles in Phoenix is a Contemporary style home, selling for an average of $767,582. 
  • The least profitable architectural style in Phoenix is a Bungalow home style, dropping in average sale price to just $569,220. 
  • Overall, the most profitable home style in the country is Mediterranean homes—but that doesn’t mean they’re the fastest to sell. In fact, the fastest-selling style is none other than the Bungalow, with an average of 48 days on the market.