September 24, 2020

Contributing author

How to sell your house in a heartbeat: Ways to guarantee a quick sale

Are you getting ready to sell your home? The longer your home is on the market, the less value is has.

The quicker you sell your home, the better, and we’re here to help. Keep reading for some tips and tricks that can help you sell your house, fast. 

Find a Top Selling Real Estate Agent 

The first step you can take towards selling your home is finding a real estate agent you can trust. This agent will be the main point of contact between you and potential home buyers. This individual is in charge of marketing your property through showings and crafting your listing, so it’s best to find someone with experience.

Selling your home without the help of an agent could cause you to lose tons of money, as properties sold without an experienced agent sell for thousands of dollars less. Not only do you not know what you’re doing in comparison to a professional agent, but it’s also incredibly time consuming and stressful to do it on your own. 

Fix and Freshen Up Your House 

When it comes to selling a home, appearance is everything. For this reason, it’s incredibly important to make updates and repairs where necessary. There are certain areas that you can update to modernize your home and give it a fresh, clean appearance that can appeal to potential buyers. 

Replacing your carpets is a great investment, as it can make your house look and smell like new. Apply fresh paint to your walls and update any appliances that are in need of repairs. Update small areas of your home, such as light fixtures to add modern details that can help your home feel new. 

Hiring a landscaper is another great idea, as it can boost the curb appeal of your home. Applying a fresh layer of paint to your home’s exterior can also help your home appeal to those driving by. These updates are worth the investment, as they can help your home feel modern, updated and attractive to buyers. 

Make the Home Look Like New 

Are you wondering, “Why isnt my house selling?”.

Even if your home isn’t new, it should look like it is. This can help potential buyers feel as if the home is brand new, allowing them to picture themselves making the house their future home. For this reason, decluttering and depresonalizing your home can drive faster sales. 

If your home will be vacant when viewings roll around, hiring a home stager can help. This can help you sell faster because rather than an empty space, the house will look like a home. Viewers can imagine what each room’s purpose would be, as well as where they would put their personal belongings if there is furniture and decor in place already. 

Sell Your House, Fast 

As you prepare to sell your house, keep these tips and tricks in mind to do so quickly. Not only is selling your home quickly less stressful, but it can also keep your selling price up, allowing for a larger profit.

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