The construction industry has historically been male-dominated but SUNVEK, a Phoenix-based roofing company specializing in commercial and residential roofing, maintenance and repairs, is raising the glass ceiling for women in the industry by positioning them at the forefront of its business to promote workplace equality.

SUNVEK values each and every employee and we strive for workplace equality,” said Eric Skoog, president of SUNVEK. “Over the years we’ve hired women in roles ranging from roofers to office managers. Our current office manager Anita Moss has been with us for more than six years and her spirit brightens up our office every day.”

According to, the average percentage of women in a repair and maintenance industry such as roofing is just shy of 11 percent. Meanwhile at SUNVEK, over 40 percent of its employees have been women during the past nine years.

Moss first got her start in roofing in 2003 and was fortunate enough to experience every part of roofing including how to do estimates, how to read blueprints, what to look for when diagnosing a problem and so much more.

“Being an active member in the roofing industry for nearly 14 years now, I encourage other women to get involved in the industry,” said Moss. “One of my goals is to ensure that young women know there is a place for them in male-dominated industries, whether that is roofing or elsewhere.”

The goal led Moss to become a founding member of the National Women in Roofing Organization. She is the elected secretary for the Arizona Chapter and is proud to be a part of an organization and a company that supports women in this male-dominant industry.

“We have found that female roofers are often tougher than their male crew members. Maybe it’s their determination to prove they can do the work or that they’re just stronger,” said Moss. “I know that the crews which have had females often commented that they liked having a woman on the team and were inspired by her determination. The guys were motivated to outshine the women and the crew ended up being more productive in the long run. That makes everybody a winner in the end.”