Consumer product review: Picture Keeper will protect memories

3,3158 – not the quantity of Starbucks drinks I’ve had in the last month (although maybe close) – it’s the number of pictures and videos on my phone. Add another 4,000 (give or take) stored on my Mac. I’d like to say I’m one of those people who routinely backs up her precious memories, aware that at any moment the apocalypse of technology will wipe out everything from clouds to hard drives, but I’m not. 

The reason for my lack of backup is not so much born out of lackadaisy or indifference, but more out of frustration. In the past, I have been more proactive in my photo saving efforts, utilizing hard drives and USB’s, and more recently photo-preserving apps. The problem I’ve found in these backup solutions is typically two-fold: they are time-consuming and often don’t have the mojo required to store all the required data. So, what usually happens?  Half way through a download I get a popup explaining that my device has reached capacity. Exasperated, I incredulously shake my finger at the USB, “How could you! Seriously, you can only handle 50 of my 5,000 photos?” Or, a recent iTunes app promised and delivered in backing up my close to 7,000 image data, but took 3 days to fully back up.

Enter Picture Keeper. This blessing of backup will henceforth be named “stick of magic,” as far as I’m concerned. The USB that plugs directly into your smartphone and/or PC/MAC can hold 16GB, 32GB or 64GB of photos, videos and more (depending on what storage option you choose). I have the 16GB, which is plenty room for my 7,000-something image data. As you have probably surmised, I am NO tech genius, but I probably know enough to get by – or become frustrated when storage is fussy and time-consuming. 

For just over $100 (a little higher if you go for more GBs), is the ability to utilize one stick of magic to back EVERYTHING worth it? Uh, yes! Especially considering that Picture Keeper Connect successfully downloaded all my photo data in under an hour – that beats the gigabyte out of 3 days. 

If you want to save yourself from USB anger, time wasted and the assurance your memories will survive the decimation of ether/cloud storage go get the PKC stick of magic – now.

Once you have everything downloaded and stored, the accompanying app to the USB device makes it super easy to view, share and delete your data. 

Picture Keeper is Compatible with iOS, Android™, Windows® & Mac® *

No question, 5/5 rating for Stick of Magic (formally referred to as Picture Keeper Connect).