Galaxies, Planets, Nebulas, Oh My!

Novice stargazers and expert astronomers alike are welcome to Alamo Lake State Park’s Fourth Annual Night Under the Stars on Nov. 6.

Since Alamo Lake State Park is almost 30 miles from the nearest town, the park offers dark skies that have some of the best unaided views of celestial objects such as the Andromeda and Triangulum galaxies.

Not only will attendees will be able to gaze through telescopes set up for their use, but they’ll also have a chance to view an astral photography demonstration put on by JD Maddy, president of the Astronomers of Verde Valley.

At 10 p.m., Maddy will provide an overview of how he captures images of nebulas and celestial bodies using a telescope, a computer and a digital SLR camera.

    If You Go:
    Time: Begins at dusk
    Location: 38 miles north of Wenden and US 60, Directions
    Phone: (928) 669-2088
    Fee: $7 per vehicle
    Please Bring: Red flashlight, folding chairs, warm clothes, water and snacks