Fresh Water is Becoming Scarcer with the Planet's Changing Climate

Experts Offer Water Saving Tips

Now that summer is in full swing many of you are experiencing sticker shock as you open those water bills. There are some ways to save some water and save some money without emptying your pool or turning your yard into a barren wasteland.

City Property Management oversees nearly 300 homeowners associations in Arizona and understands that most homeowners have the desire to save water, save some green, and plant something green.

Think before you plant. If you are landscaping or re-landscaping your property remember you live in the desert, but that doesn’t mean you have to limit yourself to cactus and rocks.

A Mexican Blue Palm makes more sense than a Queen Palm. An Acacia tree uses much less water than an orange tree. A Brittle Bush produces leaves all year long and uses much less water than a typical juniper.

If your landscaping is in place with plants that require moderate or heavy watering, there are still some ways to save water.

* Make sure your sprinklers are adjusted so you are watering the lawn and not the sidewalk
* Water in the morning or in the evening when temperatures are cooler to reduce evaporation
* Split lawn watering times if you have excessive runoff
* Use mulch around trees and shrubs to help your plants retain moisture
* Direct water from rain gutters and air conditioners to water loving plants
* Regularly check for leaks on automatic drip systems
* Consider a pool cover in the summer to reduce evaporation
*  When backwashing your pool, use the excess water on landscaping

“Where possible, we encourage the use of low water trees, shrubs and grasses in the associations we manage,” said Brian Lincks, President of City Property Management. “But that doesn’t mean these associations have to sacrifice aesthetics. There are countless green plants that flourish in our desert. There are also countless ways to save water and save a few dollars in the process.”