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Luke AFB Leases Land to APS for Solar Plant

Luke Air Force Base and the state’s largest electric utility provider, Arizona Public Service, have partnered on a new solar power plant to be built on 100 acres of land located on the Base. Construction of the 10-megawatt facility – part of the APS AZ Sun Program – is expected to begin in the fourth quarter of this year.

APS is leasing the land from Luke AFB as part of an energy Enhanced Use Lease. Energy EULs are a partnership between the Air Force and public entities to encourage the development of renewable energy – helping the Air Force to save money while meeting congressionally established Air Force goals. APS will lease the land for 30 years from Luke AFB for $6 million.

Through the APS AZ Sun Program, the utility is investing in photovoltaic power plants across Arizona. The project at Luke AFB will join eight other AZ Sun projects that are already online or in some stage of development, totaling 170 MW of solar energy for Arizona – enough to power more than 42,000 APS customers.

“Our partnership with Luke Air Force Base for this project is great for Arizona,” said Tammy McLeod, APS Vice President of Resource Management. “The solar plant will be highly visible and will set a great example of Arizona’s solar leadership for people from all over the world who live, work and train on Base. Plus, APS is proud to support the Air Force and bring more solar energy to our customers.”

The solar plant will generate enough energy to power 2,500 Arizona homes, and will prevent the emission of 12,000-15,000 tons of greenhouse gases a year, according to Robert Worley, 56th Civil Engineer Squadron installation management flight chief.

“It continues a great partnership that we have with APS,” Worley said.

More than 200 local jobs will be created during the construction of the plant, which is expected to begin in the fourth quarter of this year. The facility will be operational, serving APS customers by summer 2015.

2 thoughts on “Luke AFB Leases Land to APS for Solar Plant

  1. JAzzerr

    The big question is, Who are they buying the stuff from? I have a big problem with the US gov. placing Chinese modules on our bases.

  2. Sid P

    I would like to think that we as a country have the ability to build these panels as efficiently as china or any other country. APS gets preferential treatment from other companies because it is subject to government oversight; they should be required to select quality material from us suppliers.

    the reality is our government has allowed our corporations to ship all of our manufacturing capabilities overseas. all of these third world countries are focused on building their citizens standard of living while the us is focused on giving our technology away and reducing our standard of living.

    Take into account that these solar plants are tied to our military bases and you wonder how secure our nation is going to be in another 50 years!

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